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When it comes to talking about ‘comfort’ in the office, it can be easy for our thoughts to immediately go towards the furniture that we sit on or the desks that we work from. Whilst these indeed play a massive role in giving us comfort at work, another (sometimes, overlooked) aspect of producing comfort, is the atmosphere within the office space.

For many office interiors in Hemel Hempstead, controlling the heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be difficult; they may have separate control panels located in different parts of the building, they even may be on a meter that dictates how much they’re able to be used. Every business should be able to have an ease of control and something that can cost-effectively manage the running of the utilities. This is where an HVAC system can help.

What are HVAC systems?

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems are able to control the temperature, air quality and humidity from a single console inside of a building. Working also to transfer heat and moisture from the air, as well as removing any pollutants, HVAC systems allow a business to run their office interiors in Hemel Hempstead cost-effectively, in addition to providing the ideal conditions in the office for their employees to work in. With an increased amount of control over the utilities, a business can customise how and when they are used. So not only can an HVAC system combine all of the utilities in one control panel, they can provide a great working experience for employees, potentially pushing along productivity.

How does an HVAC system work?

We know what an HVAC system is, but how do the three different aspects that make up an HVAC system actually work to improve the conditions inside the building?

  • The heating. HVAC systems normally include provisions for heating buildings, which for example, help to raise the temperature to a comfortable level during the winter. Usually, this is done through the use of a central heating system that needs a boiler, furnace or a pump in order to generate heat. A heat exchanger will then transfer the heat generated, to the water or air systems that need to be heated, in order for them to be used to warm buildings.

    A more traditional central heating system relies on pumping heated water throughout pipes across the building; the heat will then be released into the immediate environment by using radiators or underfloor pipes which raise the room temperatures. Alternatively, a building can be heated by drawing (heated) air away from the source and distributing it throughout the building via a series of air ducts. The HVAC console will be able to monitor and regulate the temperatures; distributing the right amount of heat to specific areas of the building, keeping all temperatures within the operator’s pre-defined limits.
  • The ventilation. In order to maintain a somewhat pleasant working environment, it’s vitally important to set the right atmosphere; circulating fresh air from outside of the building is an important step to make. The ventilation aspect of an HVAC system is designed to regulate the air intake from the outside of the building, in order to improve the overall quality of air inside of the building.

    For office interiors in Hemel Hempstead that need to keep a ‘clean room’, then the choice of ventilation system is crucial. A filtration system will help to remove harmful elements such as fumes, moisture and particulates that would otherwise contaminate a controlled environment.

    In the majority of commercial buildings, the ventilation aspect of an HVAC installation will use a ‘forced’ or mechanical system in order to draw air from outside of the building, in order to push it throughout the ducts of the building. The system is able to make use of an ‘air handler’ which is used to control the quality of the air inside of the building and is able to pull in fresh air from the outside when required to do so. On the other hand, the handler is also able to drive out stale air via an exhaust unit that is usually mounted on the roof of a building.
  • The air conditioning. Deployed to make working conditions more pleasant, air conditioning can also be used for specific jobs. These include the cooling down of a computer room, or anywhere that generates potentially harmful heat. The role that air conditioning plays in the working environment is a crucial one, due to its ability to moderate the humidity inside of the building. Controlling when and which areas an air conditioning unit can cool down, will make for a better working environment for all. It can even protect any high-risk equipment from exposure to heat and moisture.

So now you have an idea how an HVAC system can be of benefit to the workplace; if you’re looking to improve your own office interiors in Hemel Hempstead and don’t possess a modern system, implementing one will be of great benefit.

Improve your office environment with us.

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