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How does Oaktree deal with recycling office refurbishment waste?


Oaktree believes that working in partnership with our Clients with respect to Waste Management, demonstrates good environmental practice by supporting the basic fundamentals of recognised Environmental Management Systems. With the introduction of the Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008, a further duty has been placed on a Client and their nominated Principal Contractor. Under the new regulations a Client must implement and monitor with the Principal Contractor all waste produced on site, where a project values £300,000 or more and produce and maintain a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP). Before a project commences the Client must ensure that a SWMP has been drawn up and it clearly indicates any projected values of waste produced, and broken down to allow three main categories to be identified:


If surplus materials can be used in the permanent works they are classified as materials, which have been re-used. If they are surplus to requirements and need to be removed from site and they can be removed and used in their present form, they can be removed from site for re-use.


If the surplus material cannot be re-used in its present form but could be used in a different form, it is sent for recycling such as 50×50 timber to make chipboard.


If either of the above cannot be satisfied then the only option left is to send the surplus materials to landfill. Identifying landfill is a last resort.

Oaktree recognises the importance of managing waste during a project as an integral part of project management. To this end Oaktree service will extend to include:

  • Revision of the possible waste streams for a project during the planning stages to identify the percentage of each of the three main categories.
  • Identification of waste contractors to assist with addressing recycling, re use and landfill quotas or reviewing the clients’ current licensed waste contractor to ensure compliance with the proposed project. Undertaken whilst maintaining that carbon footprints are kept to a minimum by all contractors.

  • Preparation of a draft SWMP with the client to ensure compliance when the project commences and nominate a SWMP Coordinator.

  • Agreement of waste segregation and storage strategy with client and communicate with all contractors related to the project.

  • Agreement of the waste monitoring regime for all contractors that are connected with the project whilst Oaktree monitor activities and report to client on progress and communicating all improvements as they are identified.

  • Undertaking onsite instruction for all contractors and maintaining records within the SWMP.

  • Undertaking periodic duty of care audits of the licensed waste contractor, in accordance with Section 34 of the Environment Act 1995 , where required.

  • Meeting with the client on completion of the project to review the SWMP Strategy and hand the SWMP to the client for retention in line with the Site Waste Management Plan Regulations 2008, for a period of 2 years.