Landlord Reception and Cat A Fit-Out in Welwyn Garden City

Earlier this year, the local commercial letting agent for the Alchemy building in Welwyn Garden City approached us for assistance in redesigning the building’s reception area to assist them in marketing the space and attracting potential new tenants. Following this initial consultation with the agent, we then engaged with the landlord, Somerset Council, who worked with our design team to create the perfect reception solution.

Why Is A Well Designed Reception Area Important?

A captivating reception area makes a lasting impression on anyone who enters the space, setting the tone for their experience. When tenants appreciate the reception space and its ambience, occupancy levels will naturally increase – every landlord’s ultimate goal.

At Oaktree, we understand the importance of a well-designed reception area, and we’re delighted to report that since our improvements, the building has seen an increase in inquiries from prospective tenants. It’s a testament to a thoughtfully designed reception space.

What Did The Reception Fit-Out Work Entail?

Our success in this project was the result of careful planning and creative design work.

  • We installed a bespoke reception desk, which was functional and approachable whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.
  • We introduced new lighting and soft seating, to infuse warmth and brightness into the area, making it feel more inviting.
  • To tie the design together, we incorporated sound baffles into the ceiling, creating a cohesive environment.
Sound baffles in the ceiling.

The Cat A Fit-Out

Following the success of our reception fit-out, we were appointed by the landlord for the dilapidations of a newly vacated suite.

Our task was to restore the suite to a well-finished Cat A fit-out, ensuring it was ready for the agent to start marketing to potential tenants.

Next Steps

We’re pleased to hear that there has been an increase in interest in the property since we completed our work. In the near future, we will be undertaking a refurbishment of all communal areas to keep the building refreshed and rejuvenated.

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