Health & Safety Regulations

Introduced through an act of Parliament in October 1974, The Health and Safety At Work Act requires the management of health and safety in the workplace to be effective, on behalf of the company, the employees and anyone who may enter the workplace.


All activities undertaken by Oaktree Interiors strictly abide by the law. We recognise the importance of health and safety and the process that it creates is integral to our business. It is the company’s resolve to ensure that the health, safety and welfare of all employees is paramount and any work that we will carry out, fully abides by the law. 


This will extend to any sites that we work on, including our clients, members of the public or anyone who may be affected by the work undertaken by Oaktree Interiors.

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Our Duties

  • To provide information, instruction and training to all employees to ensure the health and safety practices are upheld. All our staff are given training and guidance in order to understand the law and how it relates to their individual roles. They can then take care to implement all the health and safety practices that will make their job and the environment in which they create, to be safe.

  • Maintaining a safe environment for everyone to work together. It is our overriding principle to ensure that before any work is undertaken, that everyone feels safe and capable of functioning in their roles within the workplace(s) that we occupy. We also make sure that everyone fully understands their roles in helping to create that environment, by working safely and abiding by the law. Aside from finding that a positive working environment is created, the quality and speed of productivity also tends to be very high, when everyone present knows that they are working in a safe and happy environment.

  • Safe arrangements in using, handling, storing and/or transporting items and substances. We will ensure and take responsibility for all transportation, storing and handling of any equipment or materials that we use.

  • To encourage and communicate to all our clients to adopt health and safety practices. We will fully explain to all our clients, our methods of working and how we undertake it in a safe manner. This policy is maintained, kept in a secure document and subject to a bi-annual review.

  • Taking care of building regulations. As an approved contractor under the local council partnership scheme, we will take care of all necessary approval applications on behalf of the client. This will ensure that all current legislation is upheld as we go about our work.
A kitchen area with blue tiles, blue lockers, two tables with chairs and a vintage coke machine.

All work carried out by our staff is done in a safe and responsible manner. This helps to create a positive and happy working environment, which will only translate into the office we design for you. 


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