Why Us?

What’s the Oaktree vision?


Developing relationships with our partners, both clients & suppliers alike, is upper most amongst our business values. Delivering competent, innovative & inspiring office design solutions has enabled us to be rewarded with a high retention rate of clients.


We think 30 years just about covers it. What haven’t we been asked to build in that time? What apparent & insurmountable challenges have we had to overcome? Quite simply in that time we’ve encountered virtually everything there is to encounter when planning, designing and building commercial interiors.

You can be assured that we’ve delivered projects of all sizes, in various UK locations and for numerous different business sectors.

Straightforward Approach

We pride ourselves by the way we communicate with our clients. We very much adopt the ‘get the job done’ approach and we keep the project documentation we produce as clear and as simple to understand as we can so that it serves to inform and not confuse. After all, you’re paying for and expecting us to take the weight off your shoulders so that’s exactly what we’ll do. It’s all about confidence in delivery. Our straightforward, practical and no nonsense approach wins us lots of new business because the team you meet at Oaktree from the outset will be the same team you see and deal with come the end of the project, it’s called personal attention.

We don’t just talk about family values, we are a family both in terms of actual ownership but also in terms of the people who work for us – many have 15+ years of service with us so we’ve kind of got to know each other well over that period. There’s a strong bond and camaraderie here which emanates through to our relationships with our clients.

Financially Secure

As a small, but very established company, we are financially stable. We do not borrow money and nearly all of our commercial premises are owned by us. We live and operate well within our means, never over trading so you can rest assured that if we start your project, we’ll also finish it! It’s the peace of mind you should expect.

An office with a kitchen, meeting pods and work stations in the background.