The Effect Of Meeting Booths And Pods On Office Interiors

About Meeting Booths and Pods in Office Interiors:

Whether it’s to provide a bit of quiet and/or some extra space to work in, meeting booths and pods have become popular additions to the set-up of modern office interiors. Used to create an area within the workplace that isn’t as big or formal as a boardroom, pods and booths are also great to encourage people to take time out from the stresses and strains of the working day to relax and recharge.

Their fundamental aspect is all about creating a microenvironment within the larger ecosystem of the work setting. They give people a place in which they can detach from the environment around them, moving to somewhere with a completely different atmosphere. Somewhere quiet, comfortable and relaxing.

So with meeting booths and pods becoming increasingly commonplace in working environments, their uses are becoming increasingly more versatile too. Let’s take a look at how meeting booths and pods are affecting the workplace.

What Types of Meeting Booths/Pods Are There?

Meeting booths and pods come in all kinds of shapes and sizes; some of the most popular designs are based around telephone boxes and garden sheds (items that are a familiar sight to people). As the development of these products continues to advance and the marketplace offers more choices, we are seeing a diverse choice with:

  • Standalone upholstered meeting booths.
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass miniature meeting rooms.
  • Soundproof phone box-style pods (acoustic pods).
  • Shielded meeting areas that offer visual and acoustic cover.

The variety is continued in features such as colour, texture, fabric and finishes, technology integration and miscellaneous accessories (like computer tables, footstools, electronic booking systems, etc).

Office Pods for Office Interiors:

What Are The Precise Benefits of Having Meeting Pods and Booths?

The best office interiors can make use of every single element that comprises it; nothing is there ‘just for show’, everything has a function. Using intelligent office design nous in choosing the right type, size, shape, colour and material composition of the pod, can have great benefits to the business and the people who work for it. 

This includes:

More Privacy:

The most obvious benefit is that booths and pods provide an increased amount of privacy for people. One of the main issues in the open office age has been a lack of privacy; having this type of facility is the ideal way to counter this, without causing any disruption or requiring any major investment to be made.

Reduce Excess Noise:

As the chatter inside an open office can be great for people who need to share ideas, it has the opposite effect on those who need to concentrate and get on with the work at hand. Excess noise can be reduced with the installation of acoustic pods, as they are designed to absorb unwanted background noise.

Improves Concentration and Productivity:

Naturally, feeling distracted can only be off-putting and stressful, affecting concentration and slowing down productivity. Providing a space in which people can escape their distracting environment will help them with their concentration, thus keeping their productivity levels up.

Increases Job Satisfaction: 

By creating office interiors that are designed to counter common workplace issues (such as distractions and a lack of privacy), a business will have an effective way to improve the experience and job satisfaction of their employees. As a result, levels of motivation will be higher, positivity will circulate in the workplace and stress levels will be vastly reduced.

Takes Care of Confidentiality: 

A lack of privacy isn’t just detrimental to concentration, productivity and stress levels, it can also see confidentiality compromised too. Having an enclosed and acoustically-enhanced meeting booth/pod allows anyone to deal with any personal issues without feeling that their confidentiality is being compromised.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how acoustic pods and booths can help your workplace to better cater to the needs of its employees, why not get in touch with the office design experts here at Oaktree Interiors?

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