A New Home for Mizuno: Unveiling Our New Wokingham Office Design Project

At Oaktree Interiors, we recently had the honour of partnering with Mizuno, the renowned Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, to bring to life their new office space in Wokingham.

The task at hand was not just about transitioning offices from Winnersh to Wokingham; it was about crafting a space that resonated with Mizuno’s legacy while infusing it with a modern, inviting atmosphere.

A Fusion of Cultures and Design

Bringing together our expertise in office design and build, we collaborated closely with Mizuno, channelling their rich Japanese heritage into every aspect of the new office. The goal was clear: create an environment that reflects Mizuno’s ethos while embracing the functional needs of a contemporary and collaborative workspace.

Crafted with Purpose

Central to the design was creating key areas that fostered productivity, collaboration, and comfort. We created an inviting reception area, ensuring it served as a warm welcome to visitors and employees alike.

One of the highlights of this project was the creation of a dedicated collaboration space. Understanding the importance of teamwork and innovation, we curated an area that fosters creativity and the exchange of ideas, aligning perfectly with Mizuno’s dynamic spirit.

This was a particularly special project for us, being located in our home town, Wokingham. We enjoyed creating an office space for Mizuno that embodies their ethos and provides a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environment for their team.

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