Aside from seeing how our finished office refurbishments can help to positively influence a business, we also enjoy undertaking every step of the planning process, working with our client to design their perfect office space. At Oaktree Interiors, we have an expert team who specialise in working with you in order to produce a project management plan that keeps your business running smoothly. Our vast experience in designing, planning and building innovative office interiors for both large and small workspaces means we can complete the job without any unexpected problems.

What Exactly Is Project Management?

Project Management is basically the process in which a plan of the entire project is made before the commencement of physical work on a building project. Working closely with the client, some of the aspects of project management includes;

  • Planning all aspects of the work . Making a detailed plan on the entirety of the work we undertake is essential to prevent any further disruption to the client's business operations, not to mention to be able to deliver their perfect workspace in the quickest time possible.

  • Setting timescales and targets . Setting a timescale for the work to be completed is an important factor in organising when we can do what type of work and where. This will also help the client to organise and plan how they can go about their business.

  • Indentifying risks . Any possible errors and risks will have the potential to arise and affect the project. We will plan how to do deal with them and how they will relate to our overall project management plan.

How Our Project Management Works

At Oaktree, we have fully-qualified and vastly-experienced project management teams who will work with you to produce a clear and concise project management plan;

  • We work closely with our client, every step of the way . The first thing we do is to sit down with the client and plan what they want. We work out their requirements and whether there may be any disruption to their business, and suggest alternative routes around it. During the refurbishment process, we fully update our clients on the progress of our work and how it relates to the plan that we had set out together .

  • We work in-house . Our in-house methods, guarantees that we are able to work with the same speed and quality and avoid any potential confusion that may arise if working with any third-parties. These services include our interior design and building work as well as all electrical, mechanical and data installations.

  • We are also able to offer a fast-track service . Sometimes, time is an issue for businesses who require that the refurbishment to their office is done as quickly as possible. In order to reduce the amount of time that they aren't able to operate, we have a special fast-track service that will cause minimum disruption to a client's business

Oaktree Interiors – High-quality project management, geared towards delivering the perfect office space for you!

At Oaktree Interiors, all our work carried out to a pre-agreed plan and timescale. To find out how we can provide project management and transform your office interiors for the future please feel free to give Oaktree a call on 0845 474 3556

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