Office Relocation

There’s so much to gain from undertaking an office relocation; it can place you in a better location, a bigger office for everyone to feel comfortable in or give you access to new equipment and technology, which will make your job easier and help you to stay ahead in your particular industry. A move can also benefit the workforce, as working in an inspiring, positive environment can only be good for morale, which will lead to increased productivity. This will further help your business to progress.


Sometimes though, moving into a new office has the potential to be extremely complicated and stressful, not to mention grinding your business to a sudden halt. It doesn’t have to be like that though, not if you are able to put a plan in place first, in order to avoid these potential problems. 


Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have helped thousands of businesses, of all sizes, to relocate to new premises, making the move quickly and the transition smooth. This has helped our clients to get on with their work, with only the absolute minimum of disruption caused.

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Our Relocation Services


Undertaking an office relocation, as well as a whole new fit out can be costly and will only provide disruption to your day-to-day operations, which are obviously crucial for the business to be able to function. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we understand how important this is, which is why we are able to guarantee a high level of performance, designed to ensure that your office relocation runs to your set timetable like clockwork and is delivered on budget. 


Our relocation services include:

We have undertaken many office relocations and are able to do them with minimal fuss and to strenuous timetables. Whilst listening to everything that our client wants, we will also make our own suggestions, drawing on our experience, to make your office space stand out.

Our relocation specialists are able to guide you through the whole process and work closely with you to plan a timetable of work which will be geared towards providing your business with the smoothest transition possible. The same too goes for the design of the office; we will only start work once you are 100% satisfied with the design and layout of the new space.

Aside from our designing and planning services, we also undertake the installation of any electrical and mechanical equipment that you may need. All of our practices are undertaken whilst we abide by the Health and Safety at Work Act, something which we also implement in all the offices that we build.

Our vast experience in designing and building high-quality office interiors for a wide variety of clients has given us the ability to understand the process of relocation and how it can be turned into a positive, rather than a negative effect on the business. We keep everything in-house, which we have found makes for a quicker and more cost-effective job; aspects which we pass on to our clients.

Oaktree Interiors, Experts In Office Relocations Services 


Our relocation service is extremely adaptable and we are able to work closely with you to make sure that the work we carry out is to your liking. To find out how we can put in place an effective office relocation plan, transform your interiors and provide you with a smooth and effective transition for your company, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0845 474 3556 or send us an email at