Office Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we firmly believe that your office is the heart of your business

Therefore, you need to ensure that it is working at its peak efficiency if you want your company to continue to grow.

Your office interior design is essential when it comes to keeping your employees motivated, ensuring that they can work with the very best equipment and have the opportunity to effectively collaborate with their co-workers.

Your office, too, can often be the first thing to create an impression on any visitors, clients or potential employees, so you need to make sure that it effectively reflects your brand identity.

Office Interiors And Ceilings, From Oaktree Interiors

When it comes to office interior refurbishment, it is important to make certain that every aspect of your workplace design works in conjunction with the others to create an effective and dynamic workplace atmosphere. 


It’s often beneficial to bear in mind that you shouldn’t always favour a particular design, simply because it might currently be “fashionable” – your office ‘look & feel’ will remain long after office design trends have moved on; instead you should try where possible to ensure that your decisions on the ‘perfect layout and design’ includes an element of practicality. 

One of the major features of an office refurbishment, which many people are guilty of overlooking, is the role that the ceiling will play in the overall design. From the colour, to the actual specifications of the ceiling’s design, there are a plethora of decisions which you need to seriously consider before you pick out the ideal ceiling for you. For example, our wide range of office ceilings which can be installed into your available space includes:

  • Wooden 
  • Smooth (MF) 
  • Metallic ceilings 
  • Open-celled designs 
  • Suspended ceilings with fibre-board tiles 
  • And many more! 

What are the benefits of partitioning?

There is a reason why commercial environments use de-mountable partitions instead of erecting solid (block and structural) walls:

Various types of partitioning are available (glass, solid, laminated cubicles etc.) and you can decide according to the needs of your office. For example, glass partition walls will allow more natural light into the office and will create an open-plan outline without isolating employees. They can also be taken down and relocated with minimum disruption.

Unlike other types of solid walls, office partitions are relatively quick and inexpensive to install and are very easy to maintain.

As well as the practical benefits, partitioning systems are available in any colour you want so you can easily include your company colours (branding) if you prefer.

Partitioning can provide a great way to quickly create privacy, whether it’s for a meeting, a training session or to make a short phone call. With workplaces becoming a more crowded and pressurised environment, a carefully thought out partitioning layout can help provide and maintain a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Enhance Your Interior Design With Office Flooring

Choosing the right flooring to suit your office environment is important. We offer an extensive selection of high quality, stylish office flooring to suit all of your requirements. Our range includes:

  • Vinyl flooring
  • Timber flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Carpets
  • Ceramic tiled flooring
  • Anti-slip and anti-static treatments

We can provide raised access flooring that allows easy cables-management, with recessed floor boxes (serviced outlet traps) that supply power and data connections wherever needed. Barrier matting is available in various finishes and it can be fitted at entrances & exits to the building to reduce the amount of dirt and dust brought in, which can help to extend the life and appearance of your new office flooring elsewhere. In addition, warehouse and industrial floors can be treated with specialist coverings to prevent staining and aid slip prevention. Oaktree Interiors will take care of all building and landlord applications where necessary on your behalf.