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A CGI render of an office with different meeting spaces and the outline of people using the office.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are leading office furniture and refurbishment specialists

We have vast experience in delivering a wide range of office furnishing solutions for a vast array of clients. We are passionate about our work and always make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with all services we carry out. 

Practical, functional and stylish office furniture

Aside from our refurbishment services, which include the full decking-out of new aesthetics in your workplaces, we are also able to kit your new office space out in practical, functional yet stylish office furniture.

Office furniture that will meet all your needs

Staff welfare and productivity should be paramount to your business needs – and office furniture is far more than just a chair to sit on and a desk to work at! It’s been found that if your office furniture is designed ergonomically, then the comfort of a person is better, which can only mean that their productivity and quality of work will similarly increase.


Another aspect to consider when making your office furniture selection is how it will make an impression on any visitors you may receive. Making a good first impression is vital in any way of life – and in business, as you know, it’s crucial. Similarly, board or meeting rooms are a very important area of any corporate environment and can be enhanced by making sure that everyone is able to function in a comfortable atmosphere.

An office breakout space with a bespoke floor and wall designs, a table with benches and a sofa area.

Our furniture services

We understand that every business is different, which is why we’re confident that through our vast experience, we have the right products to kit out any office environment. We purchase furniture directly from the manufactures, which means that we avoid extra costs that may be put on by any third parties – a saving that we pass on to our clients. No matter what your company is looking to achieve – we have the right solution for you. We are able to offer you with any elements you may require, including specialist chairs and tables, even dividers and panels that can match your corporate colours and therefore create your office’s specific aesthetics.

Beam Desks | Bench Desks | Height Adjustable Desks | Executive Desks | And more!

If you’re looking to establish an open-plan office, then we would recommend bench desks, which are best-suited to that particular office environment. The majority of our desks come with cable management systems and are designed to make a long-lasting impression on your employees and clients alike.


Comfortable and practical seating. One major aspect of setting up a comfortable environment is obviously to provide seating that aside from making people feel relaxed, but also to offer a practical use. We have a huge selection of seating solutions that aside from being comfy enough to sit in, also are ergonomic, in order to maximise the productivity and performance of the person sat there. Our superb range includes;

  • Operator chairs
  • Task chairs
  • Executive chairs
  • Meeting and conference seating
  • And much more!
grey sofa with multicoloured pillows on each arm rest in a grey and yellow modern office space

Installations of electrical equipment

Aside from installing furniture or improving the look of your office, we will also take care of any electrical or mechanical equipment that may need to be installed. We will make sure that together with the furniture, any equipment will be able to operate in a safe manner, as per the health and safety at work act.


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