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An office with desks and chairs on the right and a kitchenette and breakout space on the left.

Create your ideal office fit out

If you’re interested in giving your workplace a new lease of life with a bespoke office fit out, then look no further than the vastly experienced team here at Oaktree Interiors for advice on achieving your ideal set-up.


As one of the leading UK office fit out companies, we are well-placed to guide you through the finities of office design; taking the time to understand what you would like to achieve and what the expectations of your employees are, before we survey your office space and create a custom design plan based on our findings.


Why should my company invest in a new office fit out?

Choosing to create new office interiors represents a significant financial commitment for your company, so the overarching question you’ll be asking will be what benefits for my business will make this particular investment worthwhile?

One of the major reasons why a business would choose to improve their workplace interiors is to give their employees the best opportunity to raise their productivity levels and the quality of work that they are able to produce.

If we work in an environment that is uncomfortable, demoralising and dull, it will create those same feelings inside of us. Is the workplace even equipped with all of the necessary tools and facilities that help employees along with their work? If not, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the rate and quality of work aren’t at the levels they should be. 


By making use of office fitters to re-design your workspaces, you will be fashioning a fresh design that will suit the working styles of everyone in the company; giving them the ideal environment in which to feel inspired, empowered and equipped for their work. 

By reimagining your office interiors to work for you, rather than you for it, you will be making better use of the building. Too many businesses pay for space that they do not use; modern office design techniques can plan out every square foot of space that can be repurposed for something else; be that extra open plan space, a breakout area, a kitchen, office storage or anything else you need to make the in-work experience better for your employees.

If you intend to host clients, then the need to present yourself as per your advertising materials in a professional environment is an absolute must. By using an office fit out company, you can place your company’s identity, philosophies and branding throughout the design, creating that original look and feel that makes your business stand out.

Why should I choose Oaktree Interiors as my preferred office fitter?

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we do not believe in a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. We believe that an office fit-out must reflect the philosophies, branding and preferred working methodologies of everyone who works there. The workplace should be fixed around the needs of the business, rather than the business having to compromise around the limitations of the space on offer. It is this approach that lays the foundations for business success. 

Our aspirations

The development of relationships with our partners (both clients and suppliers) is paramount for our business values. Our aspirations are to deliver competent, innovative and inspiring office designs, and this can only be achieved by fostering a deep understanding and excellent relations with everyone we deal with. It’s this attention to our work that has retained a high rate of repeat business, with many of our clients returning to us for future projects. 

Our experience

Having been successfully operating in the industry for more than 30 years, our ability to grow from each experience has allowed us to establish ourselves as one of the leading UK office fit-out companies. In terms of office design, the question that you should ask of us is what haven’t we built during the last 30 years? We’ve encountered pretty much everything there is to encounter in the office design world; planning, designing and building commercial interiors. 

Our straightforward approach

It’s completely understandable that making an investment in a project as big as an office fit-out may create worries about what your money is being spent on, and whether it will offer the benefits it purports to. This is why we adopt a ‘get the job done approach’; we clearly explain each aspect of the project and produce documentation that is simple to understand. We serve to inform, not to confuse. 


This practical and no-nonsense method is often cited by many clients as the reason why we gain their business. From the outset, our clients deal with the same people right from the start, through to the very end of the project. This is a dedicated personal service that we pride ourselves on. 


Office Fit Out In A Post-COVID World

As the COVID-19 virus has presented unique challenges for society, the workplace will need to stand up to ensure it provides a safe and secure environment for employees who are ready to return to work. Many firms are taking the opportunity to create new office fit-outs; not only to abide by the latest government legislation but also to modernise or customise new and existing office space to better help employees grow their productivity. 


Being an office design company that is dedicated to creating bespoke workplaces, you can feel rest assured that our expert office fit-out team can make all the changes, alterations and new creations you need. All work we undertake is done so in strict accordance with official guidance from the government; our health & safety specialists, site-based personnel and supply-chain partners are diligently working together and complying with all the additional protection measures we have implemented.


So, regardless if you want to re-arrange your workspace, introduce new branding or create new areas within your office fit out, you can do so safely in the knowledge that you’ll be meeting the demands of a post-COVID world. 

The corner of an office with desks that have laptops, keyboards, phones and chairs at them.

Get in touch with the office design experts to learn more

So if you’re interested in improving your office interiors for the future, why not get in touch with us today to learn more about how you could benefit? Included as part of our office fit-out service is a completely FREE, no-obligation consultation that works to understand your requirements and the space on offer before we create a design and plan of how your needs would transfer to your space. Give our team a call today on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail to