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If you’re a landlord who is looking to re-fit your commercial property with high-quality and innovative designs that will draw the finest tenants & clients, the team here at Oaktree Interiors can help. We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Cat A and Cat A Plus fit-out; from the initial design, right through to construction and installation. 


We understand how the market is changing, and we are always looking for ways to be in alignment with it. This allows us not only to provide spaces that are perfect for you but also keeps the requirements of your occupants at heart as spaces evolve; ultimately making them incredible workplaces. 

Cat A and Cat A Plus Fit-Out: Creating Workplaces with Increased Flexibility

With the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic increasing the need for flexible workplaces, spaces are having to adapt. However, this isn’t always possible due to the layout of a building and a new fit-out will be required to make the most of the space available. This is where a Cat A and Cat A+ fit-out comes in. 


Previously, the options were largely a ‘Cat A’ and ‘Cat B’ fit-out, which can be defined as:

What is a Cat A Fit Out?

Category A fit-out is what’s otherwise known as a ‘basic landlord fit-out’. This includes the installation of the building’s electrical and mechanical services (air conditioning, heating, lighting etc), fire detection systems, bathrooms/toilets, suspended ceilings, raised access facilities and finishes applied to interior walls.


Essentially, it offers a quick and easy way of fitting out a high-quality workplace with which (depending on the terms of the lease, of course), your tenants can decorate to their requirements.

What is a Cat B Fit Out?

A Category B fit-out refers to a workplace that is fitted out with everything the tenant needs, including additional decorations, features, and furniture. With a Cat B fit-out, the landlord and their tenant will work closely with office design professionals to identify the different elements they need, as well as how they’re able to portray their company culture throughout the design. This will enable the ‘license to alter’ to be issued. 

What is a Cat A+ Fit Out?

The new Category A+ fit-out is essentially a Cat B fit-out, so it’s mainly driven by the occupant/tenant, but it is funded by the landlord with the costs included and amortised as rent for a given period of time.

Great Reasons To Choose A Cat A+ Fit-Out Can Include:

  • Less upfront cost: With tenants able to move into a new workplace with minimum investment and adjustment, Cat A Plus spaces can give a dedicated workspace over to smaller companies that may have previously been out of reach.

  • More shared space: Cat A+ offers more communal spaces for tenants to use; providing a natural mix of co-working, personal office and breakout areas.

  • Sustainability: Cat A Plus facilities provided by the landlord mean that there is no risk of unnecessary mechanical and electrical installations being stripped out and replaced in a tenant’s fit-out. This also encourages landlords to invest wisely, knowing they will be using it for long-term use.


Whichever style of fit-out you’re looking for; you can feel rest assured that the team here at Oaktree can work with you to create your ideal workplace for hire. We have a long-standing track record of delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions for our clients, working closely with them from start to finish on every project. 


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