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Stage 1: Discuss Requirements

In an initial meeting to discuss requirements, we will obtain a brief which should include current and any future headcount numbers, how many staff work open plan, how many require offices, how many meeting rooms are needed, whether training & conference facilities, health & welfare (tea points, breakout rooms, restaurants etc), a reception, meet & greet or visitor waiting areas are required. Additional requirements could be any IT needs, storage and filing considerations and any specialised area, such as hi-tech, laboratory, clean rooms etc.

With this brief, further discussion will include how the office is to look and feel. This incorporates any company branding compliance, colour, texture and quality of finish to comply with the available budget.

Any office/building information available should be passed over; these are usually in the form of drawings and elevations issued by the commercial agents in the case of a new building/floor space being negotiated or by being issued if held on file already (if the project is a refurbishment of an existing space). If none are available we will arrange for a survey to follow.

Stage 2: Space Planning

If drawings are provided they will be uploaded into our own software programs and used for the planning stages. If they're not available we'll visit the site to survey and then upload our own notes. In all instances, surveys are carried out to establish dimensional accuracies and to note any infrastructure, as this is considered on all space planning exercises.

All of the information obtained in Stage 1 is compiled and used in the space planning process. We will usually provide a few layout options and will share these with the client on a collaborative basis. The idea is to agree a final layout that works before the design stage and costing exercises begin.

The planning drawings will show how the company, its employees and operational needs will be accommodated.

Stage 3: Office Design

With the planning agreed we will proceed with the design stage. This task sets about creating the look & feel of the new spaces. Subject to the scope of the works needed, we'll consider lighting, the environment, quality of finish, flexibility in moving and changing to suit future needs and to make sure everything is current, safe and rewarding.

To illustrate our ideas we usually produce 3D images using our software programs.

Stage 4: Schedule of Costs

With the design and options established our Contracts team set to work to produce the specification of works, which in our case is a comprehensive line by line schedule of costs to aid the client in evaluation and to demonstrate our competitiveness and transparency.

Everything proposed is fully detailed and explained to ensure general building regulation compliance and to help substantiate why certain products and systems have been recommended in the first place.

Stage 5: The Proposal

All clients will receive the following on presentation of our bid:

  • Space Planning drawings
  • Designs is the form of 3D visuals & CGI's
  • Specification of Works
  • Detailed Cost Schedule
  • Outline Program of Works
  • Finance/ Leasing Options

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