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Would you like to lease your office refurbishment project?

Leasing offers a way for your business to finance a wide variety of assets. It can be applied to some or all of the aspects of your fit-out project. This can be an attractive alternative to other methods of finance, such as cash or bank loans.

Office refurbishment leasing

“I buy appreciating assets, I rent depreciating assets" - John Paul Getty.

Modern leasing can be used to finance your entire project, from cabling to partitioning, from carpet tiles to blinds and signage. Unlike cash and bank loans, leasing is fully flexible, both during and at the end of the agreement, allowing you to adapt more readily to the changing needs of your business.

Here are just a few benefits associated to office refurbishment leasing:

  • Turnkey finance: Finance 100% of your project costs, not just the traditional assets. Wrap up all aspects of your interior project including delivery & installation costs, design fees and also IT, telephony, AV etc.
  • Making your capital work for you rather than sink valuable cash into depreciating assets, you can deploy it elsewhere within your business and spread the cost of your purchases in line with the return on investment.
  • Significant tax benefits for private organisations, payments are fully tax deductible unlike using cash (excluding any AIA benefit).
  • Make the right decisions: You can make investment decisions which are based upon your needs, instead of being limited by constrained budgets. Maximise your project based on affordable monthly instalments rather than a restricted capital amount.
  • Fixed costs regardless of what happens to interest rates, the lease payments are fixed throughout the term, making it easier for your business to budget.
  • Credit lines: By using leasing through our independent partner, you leave your existing credit lines free for other aspects of your business.

Contact Oaktree for office interior fit out leasing

Oaktree Interiors offer financial solutions through our independent partner, Bluestone Leasing. Bluestone Leasing is the leading UK specialist in financing design and build projects. They will provide you with access to over thirty plus banks and dedicated funders, many unavailable to your business directly, and their expertise will ensure that you receive the best package available in the market.

For more information about our office refurbishment leasing, please get in contact with us by emailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com or call 0345 21 86955.