Case Study

Daimler Truck UK Ltd

Client's Challenge

Daimler Truck is a global leader in commercial vehicle manufacturing, with a workforce exceeding 100,000 employees. After deciding to relocate offices in Milton Keynes, Daimler Trucks got in touch, seeking a quote for their new office fit-out project. Given our ongoing fit-out project in the adjacent building, we knew the area and were well-positioned to meet their needs. 


After selecting Oaktree as their partner for this exciting project, we started on a comprehensive Cat B installation of the first two floors. Our primary objectives revolved around enhancing the executive meeting rooms, upgrading video conference facilities and creating an open-plan workspace to accommodate collaboration.

open plan breakout space with green furniture throughout
teapoint area with herringbone flooring and green high chairs
Oaktree's Solution

Recognising the importance of fostering a balanced work environment, we transformed and expanded the breakout space. This aimed to provide a relaxed and collaborative space within the office premises. Furthermore, to integrate these changes, we made necessary modifications to the HVAC and fresh air systems, ensuring their optimal functionality in the new layout. 


It was vital to adhere to the building’s BREEAM certification standards throughout the process. Every aspect of our work was executed to maintain or improve the building’s eco-friendly credentials, without compromising its rating. 


Safety remained a top priority, therefore we modified all life safety elements within the space. From fire alarms to emergency lighting, every detail was considered to ensure compliance with building regulations, guaranteeing a secure and safe environment for everyone. 

What Oaktree Delivered

We modified and reworked the intelligent lighting systems designed to optimise energy usage and adapt to ambient light. This helps to create an efficient and comfortable environment for all employees. 


To meet the client’s specific requirements, we integrated bespoke audiovisual solutions tailored for multi-space town-hall-style meetings. Furthermore, we supplied and installed new furniture throughout the office space


In all of our projects, we are committed to delivering solutions that align with our clients’ unique requirements and operational objectives, and this fit-out was no different. We completed all work within 16 weeks, much to the satisfaction of our client.

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