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LocationOxford Office size12,000 sq ft Move Time15 weeks

PSI CRO UK's Challenge

PSI delivers “on time delivery across the globe'' and is Ranked #1 Global CRO by Investigators Worldwide. CenterWatch 2015-2017.

PSI is a leading full-service global Contract Research Organization whose key strength is predictable patient enrolment across multiple therapeutic areas. PSI is known in the industry as a CRO focused on on-time project delivery. This is achieved through investing substantial effort and MD resources into performing quality feasibility assessments that provide an accurate predictor of study timelines. PSI's global reach allows us to run clinical trials across multiple continents, in 35+ countries around the world.

PSI's reputation is that of a no-nonsense CRO focused on timely patient enrolment and project delivery. An exceptionally high repeat and referral business rates alongside low staff turnover are indicative of their commitment to be the best CRO in the world as measured by their clients and employees.

Oaktree's Solution

We have introduced the concept of 'away from the desk' which is a way of affecting cultural change and establishing increased collabo­ration, relationship building and communication. For PSI CRO this is especially important due to the considerable number of cellular spaces, home workers and international staff who do not have an assigned desk. Meeting peoples diverse needs involves providing different ways of working and that is what we have incorporated in their new workspace in the form of click share meeting spaces and touchdown areas for soft informal meetings; all areas where people can work on their own or in a collaborative way away from their desks.

The office holds approximately 109 staff/workspaces and includes: new flooring features, new reception & waiting area, new lobby area, new board rooms, various Manager/Director/Staff offices, new store & comms rooms, new archive store, new copy print area, new quiet rooms, new hot desk area, new tea point and staff breakout areas.

The project includes a mixture of solid/glass wall partitions with manifestation, new office furniture, mechanical and electrical infrastructure services, introducing new lighting detail, plumbing works and new AC/ventilation throughout the building.

What Oaktree Delivered

  • Provide the offices, open plan workspaces, meeting rooms, support spaces and breakout areas that will not only allow for growth but will also enable cultural change such as increased innovation, collaboration, relationship building and agile working and update the building services to a modern effi­cient standard.
  • Consistent and strong corporate identity and values visible throughout.
  • Large space for company meetings of 60 people with hi definition projector screen.
  • A reception that has the wow factor and is better orientated to serve the receptionist and visitors.
  • Best use of the floor plate, using central areas for additional meeting and support spaces.
  • Teams and departments are ideally located for communication and workflow with localised storage with access to natural light and external views.
  • Soft meeting spaces and touchdown spaces local and accessible to everyone.
  • Support spaces are centrally located to encourage interaction and increase physical activity.

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