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In recent years, there has been a massive change in the way that many offices operate. Instead of the common stationary desks that would see each worker present there all day, many businesses are taking advantage of the flexible technology that we have at our disposal by implementing hot desking within their office interiors in Hertfordshire. But what is hot desking? And how does it help? Read on to find out more...

Why your office interiors in Hertfordshire needs hot desking facilities

We live in a world in which communication is possible for all of us, no matter where we may be. We don’t need to work on a particular computer, or even in a particular office; we can even stay and work from home. The boundaries between work life and home life have become closer and as such, businesses are tapping into this eclipse to create unique office design that is more in-tune with the psychology of people, rather than just the need to get the work done. Hot desking is one such philosophy.

To be literal, hot desking is the practice of a business to allocate desks to workers when required, on a rota system, rather than assigning each worker their own desk. With the office of today being home to a blend of permanent, part time and freelance staff whom may work at different times of the day, many desks will be unoccupied on a regular basis. This means that a business will be paying for space and have purchased furniture that won’t ever be in use; the advent of flexible technology doesn’t mean that every person has to have a desk and space anymore, so why pay for it?

Hot desking: The benefits

There are more benefits with hot desking for office interiors in Hertfordshire (aside from saving on wasted space), including:

  • A better company culture. Without any permanent seating arrangements, employees will be required to work within different areas of the office. This gives colleagues from different departments the opportunity to interact with each other; this is something that would simply not happen if everyone had stationary desks in their own departments. With an increased level of collaboration and rapport, this can only make for thoughts and ideas to be shared and to be enhanced, ultimately improving the quality of work produced across every department.
  • Less clutter. We've all been there; we've passed a colleague's desk and either marvelled at how clean their desk is/or gasped at how cluttered it is. As we all experience a busy existence in work, it's no surprise that things do tend to get cluttered. Hot desking can help employees to take more responsibility for how they work; knowing that they are working on a shared desk, it's less likely that they'll leave it cluttered with their work. Implementing good storage solutions too is a key aid in achieving this.
  • Taking ownership of environments. On a similar theme, giving an employee the ownership of how they're able to work will help them to balance their personal requirements. In order to be productive, people need to be happy, they need to be able to work in environments that they are comfortable in; rigid office design doesn't offer flexibility but hot desking does. Whether they want to work in the collaborative environment mentioned above, or in a more quiet space in which they can reflect and work without distraction, hot desking also gives the business great scope to better make use of their office spaces, simply by zoning
  • Modernising the existing infrastructure. Hot desking provides the perfect opportunity for any local business to improve their office interiors in Hertfordshire. With the business community in the south east continuing to grow, the importance of being able to possess modern office facilities in order to continue to challenge competitors simply cannot be overlooked.
  • Increase in autonomy. Back to the home-work eclipse that we mentioned earlier; hot desking and its flexible nature offers employees the opportunity to perform a better work-life balance. Whilst flexible hours aren't suitable for every business, many others have embraced the need to give their employees more control over the distribution of the hours that they work. Many people feel that there just 'aren't enough hours in the day' to achieve this balance; there ARE enough hours, people just aren't able to sufficiently balance them. Whatever they need to do outside of work; be it childcare, medical appointments, travel...hot desking and flexible working cuts the tethers to their desks and allows them to come into work ready for work and not worrying about not having enough time in the day.

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