People are designed to live in innate environments; our bodies are designed to positively react with the varying spectrums of light offered by the sun. Whilst artificial lighting has helped us to achieve great things, it simply cannot offer the same benefits that our outside environments do.

Of course, we can’t be expected to work by big windows by candlelight when the dark winter months set in. As such, being able to find the right balance between the amount of natural and artificial light is vital for any forward-thinking business who wants to use their office interiors in Newbury as a way to inspire and motivate their workforce, even to impress any clients who may visit for meetings. As such, what lighting choices are out there that can provide that fine balance?

LED: A better spectrum of light

'Traditional' electronic lighting such as fluorescent, are commonly referred to as 'white lighting' because the spectrum of colours that they emit don't vary away from white. On the other hand, Light Emitting Diodes are able to create a vast range of colours (aside from white) and therefore, are able to produce an infinitely better colour spectrum. The effectiveness of LED's in producing a vast range of light is perhaps best summed up by their usage as screens that show us pictures on our televisions, mobile phones and other media devices.

When it comes to using them as a lighting solution in your office interiors in Newbury, here's why LED lighting is ideal:

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