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If you've decided that your current workplace is too restrictive (in terms of size), costs too much to rent or doesn't help your employees to express their talents as well as they should be doing, then an office relocation is an ideal way to establish your ideal working space.

Sometimes though, moving from one office to another has the potential to be extremely complicated and stressful, causing major disruption to the business. This is one of the main reasons why many firms choose not to move offices – but all they're doing by not moving is existing in a space that is restricting its potential. It's only through skilful relocation planning that a business can avoid these potential problems, and this is where we can help.

As we've assisted many businesses in relocating to new premises over the years, the team here at Oaktree Interiors have gained a unique understanding of what it takes to make for successful, bespoke relocation planning. This is why we've put together five factors you should consider when thinking about moving workplaces.

How to plan for an office relocation: The factors to consider

1. The Location. Dependent on the industry you're in, the location of your office can be crucial to your success. Paying slightly more for your operation to be based in a certain location could be a wise investment; if you need to impress clients and give employees amenities, a city centre location is preferable over one in an out-of-town business park or industrial estate, for example. Whereas conversely, if hosting clients isn't part of your business, relocating to a cheaper location could be better if costs are already too high to sustain at your current site.

The bottom line is that you should ensure which location is best for your business, in terms of how much it will cost you and how much you could potentially 'make back' from being in the new location. Work with an office relocation firm that has plenty of experience helping firms from a wide range of industries – their past success shows that they can find the right facilities in the right location.

2. The Size. Finding the perfectly-sized office for your needs could potentially save you thousands in expenses, whilst maintaining (often, heightening), productivity. Through better office design and space planning, a relocation can be seen as an opportunity to understand how space can be used to its absolute maximum,allowing you to shape it to your needs, rather than you 'having to make do' with the limitations it offers.

3. (Keeping on Top of) The Extra Costs. Moving from one office to another brings with it, 'hidden' costs that build up, making the process more expensive, time-consuming and as a result, stressful. Whether it's stamp duty, company registration, site surveys, electrical and data installations…keeping on top of these extra costs will ensure that you'll be fully aware of what you will need to do, when and how much it'll cost BEFORE you start the process. So, no hidden costs, no 'surprises'.

Working with a professional office relocation company to find the best location will not only find you the best office to suit your business, but they can also work with (and negotiate) with landlords to find the best deal. After all, moving office should be about saving you money, not costing you more.

4.The Mechanisms of the Business. Just like how planning for the size (and usage) of the office can help your business to find the ideal space, a relocation can also be seen as an opportunity to review your company culture and how it impacts your business on a daily basis.

Think about what your employees do at their current workplace that helps to give value to the company. Could that aspect be improved? Which spaces provide them with collaboration (which do not)? Maybe the rigid open office layout would be better being a more fluid, flexible layout in which people can choose where and who they work with? These (and more) are all questions that you should ask before you design your new office fit out (let alone move your teams into one).

5. The Branding. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make a good first impression on any visitor and creating a sense of culture in your workplace is by integrating your own branding throughout the office space. This can be anything from choosing a colour scheme that matches your firm's logo or marketing materials to something much less overt, like combining colours, furniture and materials to project a particular philosophy the company may have ('soft and fun' furnishings for a company with an easy-going nature, or a plant-filled green spaces for the more environmentally-friendly firm, etc).

Those were five factors of a workplace relocation plan you should consider; if you would like to learn more about how your own business can fit its own specific requirements in any of these points, our team are always on hand to help.

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