When it comes to improving office interiors in London, things are changing. There is no getting away from the fact that artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies are already influencing the ways in which we live. This can already be seen with things like voice (or 'virtual') assistants such as Siri and Alexa, which help to find us information, record reminders, monitor the weather and so much more.

Whilst we're still very much at dawn of the technology, it isn't a stretch to say that such devices will grow in their usage, even changing the ways in which we work in the future. As such, how can something like a voice assistant change how our workplaces function?

Why we all should improve our office design for the future

The abilities of a voice assistant is just one of the many reasons why businesses should be thinking about improving their office interiors in London. With the nature of modern technology being fast changing and flexible, it is simply paramount that the set-up of our workplaces reflect this. Without recognising the need to improve our working environments to better cater for modern technology, as well as the upcoming workforce of tomorrow, we will simply be left behind.

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