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The design of your office environment and its layout can be very influential with regards to office productivity and employee wellbeing. So If you're searching for a strategy to improve the productivity and the wellbeing of your employees, get in touch with the friendly and talented team at Oaktree Interiors and enquire about our professional office interior services.

Does Your Office Space Promote Productivity & Wellbeing?

The design and layout of your office environment can be very influential to your employees who are working in it. So, if you would like to modify your workplace with the interest of improving productivity and wellbeing, here is a list of 5 tips to give you a helping hand.

  • Create A Breakout Area
    If your place of work does not currently have an area dedicated for breaks, consider utilising an office interior service to create one using partitions.

    Indeed creating a breakout area could be a fantastic decision to promote productivity. By giving employees a space for them to relax and take a short break, they will have the opportunity to reduce their stress levels, enjoy a relaxing drink and return to their task with a fresh mind.

    Also, creating a breakout room gives you a fantastic opportunity to promote healthy eating in the workplace. For example, you could place a selection of healthy snacks in the breakout room for employees to enjoy throughout their workday. Encouraging your staff to take breaks can be very useful to help your employees relax, and a selection of healthy snacks could give them the boost they need to return to work feeling better and more focused.

    Additionally, a breakout area could also help to improve camaraderie between employees in the workplace. Indeed a dedicated break area where all employees can mingle and socialise during their breaks could be a fantastic opportunity for co-workers from different departments to get to know each other.
  • Think Carefully About Sound. Could Changing The Office Interiors Reduce Noise Levels?
    This is especially important for office buildings with large open plan areas. Noise can be very distracting for some and if the sound level is too loud, the distractions can impact both office productivity and employee wellbeing.

    However, if you use partitioning, you can create areas of concentration so that co-workers can meet for a meeting, a training session, or a conference call without causing a disturbance to other employees.

    Indeed, open floor plans aren't always the best choice for office interiors. Whilst many will discuss the advantages of open plan office layouts, we understand that every business is different and as such every office needs to cater to the unique needs of the business and their employees. For example, whilst an open plan office may have numerous advantages, they also have numerous disadvantages such as noise pollution, which could become a serious distraction to your staff.
  • Consider Changing Some Of The Colours Used In Your Office Interiors
    For some, the best office colours are neutral colours, or colours associated with the business' brand. Whilst it is very important to create an office environment that co-ordinates nicely with your business' brand, it is also important to consider the effect that colours could have on productivity and wellbeing.

    For example, many believe that the use of different colours could impact the psychology of those around them. Some argue that a light blue colour is related to trust, strength, concentration, and dependability. As such, many believe that light blue is a fantastic colour for office spaces; especially in spaces for concentration.

    If you are considering changing the colours in your workplace and you would like to learn more about the use of colour in your office layout and office design, you could read our blog titled, “How Important Are The Colours In Your Office?" It has lots of fantastic information and discusses colours such as red, green, grey, and purple.
  • Optimise The Layout Of Your Workplace
    It is very important that your office interiors are optimised as an unorganised office environment could result in a decrease in employee productivity.

    If you choose office interiors that are aesthetically pleasing, it could help to inspire your staff. Additionally you could also look to include some of the points from the above point regarding the colour of your office. However, it is not sufficient to create an aesthetically pleasing office space with a carefully chosen colour scheme. It is also very important that you consider the space within your office and make the most out of the space that is available.
  • Consider Adding Plants To Your Office
    If you're adding new walls with office interior services from Oaktree Interiors, perhaps this would be a fantastic opportunity to add plants to your working environment.

    Some might argue that this can help staff to feel more creative and calmer whilst in their working environment. You could perhaps add some plants to match or contrast the colour scheme that you have chosen.

    However, if you're interested in bringing nature into your office layout and interiors, perhaps you could add a living wall to your office space.

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