Already established in their working lives (but with many years still left ahead of them), are Millennials. Now aged between 21-35, experts have predicted that from next year, they will make up 35% per cent of the world's workforce. As time wears on and previous generations grow older,they will undoubtedly become the dominant generation in the workplace within the next decade.

It's clear then, that any forward thinking business must design their offices around this group's needs in order to attract and keep them, in the effort to attain long term success.

But where to start?

Catering your office interiors in London for Millennials

Office design for wellbeing

Millennials are more aware of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle than perhaps any preceding generation. This is why they desire to work for someone who values them, their health and what it takes to balance their home and work experiences.

A great way to start would be the creation of outdoor areas that offer employees the opportunity to take breaks in an environment that is so different from the potentially stressful one inside the work arena. The great thing about introducing these'natural green spaces' in your office interiors in London, is that they do not necessarily have to be 'indoors'; taking a biophilic approach to your office design can realise a natural environment just as well.

The need for flexible office space

With more ways to communicate than ever before, Millennials will appreciate flexibility in regards to how they're able to work. An open office that allows increased communication and productivity will give them the opportunity to engage freely with their fellows.

A great way to provide an office space that values flexibility, is to introduce communal areas, such as co-working spaces that boosts creativity by increasing the ease of which employees are able to interact.As a generation that places the need to communicate above all, these spaces may prove key in nurturing their skills.

Any business who is serious about maintaining a long-term workforce must invest in tools that provide their employees with the ease to go about their daily work. Whether that's anything from a high-quality keyboard for typists to communication apps, internal e-mail and live chat platforms for people to communicate effectively. Presenting Millennials with different options regarding the tech they use will allow them to choose how they work rather than them, being held back by the limitations of the workplace and/or the lack of choice on offer.Them taking ownership can only lead to them feeling more comfortable in their roles, resulting in high productivity and a high quality of work.

Improve your office interiors, with Oaktree

If you are indeed thinking about improving your office interiors in London for the future, why not get in touch with the expert workplace design team here at Oaktree Interiors? As part of our leading service, we offer a completely FREE, no obligation consultancy service that takes into account all of your (and your employees) requirements, creating a unique design proposal. Taking the form of 2-D and 3-D images, it is the perfect way to get an insight into what your ideal office interiors may look like, without you spending a single penny.

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