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As most of us exist in the same environment during the working week, we should be able to get on with our jobs in a safe and comfortable manner, without any undue worry about our health and safety. Accidents do happen though and most of the time, these incidents can be avoided by establishing a safe environment for employees to work in, constantly carrying out and reviewing health and safety procedures.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been office fitters in Hertfordshire for many years; creating bespoke, modern workspaces that offer a safe and comfortable environment for all. Read on to see our tips on establishing a safe office, avoiding those health and safety disasters!

Avoiding Office Accidents: Advice From Experienced Office Fitters In Hertfordshire

By their definition, an accident is something that occurs unintentionally – they cannot be avoided because you cannot predict exactly when one will occur. This doesn't mean that the likelihood of them occurring can't be diminished or ruled out altogether – by possessing an environment that allows for the potential for accidents to occur, the clock will be ticking for the time when one will occur. Instead of taking the risk, just living on the hope that potential accidents don't occur – why not reimagine the environment altogether, so the prospect of an accident won't exist?

As experienced office fitters in Hertfordshire, here is our advice on keeping your office environment safe, diminishing the chances of an accident occurring:

  • Keep Working Areas Clean. It can be easy when you're extremely busy to create clutter on your desk – especially if you eat breakfast or lunch there. Maybe you're in so much of a rush that you just throw something in a filing cabinet and get on with whatever you're doing? A workplace that is cluttered and unclean will simply make the office more prone to hazards. Whether it's paper and equipment that hasn't been stored away properly, to litter and overflowing waste paper – all it's doing is creating the most basic health and safety hazard. In addition, as we live in a more flexible technological world these days, running cables and cords provide a major tripping hazard when they're not correctly stored and just add to the dangerous clutter dotted around your office.
  • The Importance of Maintenance. Speaking of technology, it's vitally important (and in the case of electrical items, the law) to get the equipment that your office uses day-to-day, checked and maintained to avoid any potential accidents occurring prior, during or after their operation.
  • Using signage. Many of us guffaw when we see, say a wet floor sign located in a public shower room. Believe it or not, it's often this sign that helps to notify the user that they should tread carefully, as well as save a business from any litigation in case any slipping injuries occur. In terms of the general workplace, things like wet floors aren't too obvious, so ensure that proper signage is used whenever you maintain your office floors. This will indicate to anyone of the state of the floor and prevent any costly litigations in case of accidents. Similarly, safety signs should also be placed on equipment that could potentially cause accidents. By reinforcing the message that people need to go/use this area/item as per the given instructions you'll be creating that safe environment. Which brings us to...
  • Providing Guidance/Training. This may be an obvious one but you'd be amazed at how many businesses forgo extensive health and safety training. It's not only vital for theirs, other peoples or the workplace's safety but undertaking their job in the correct manner, will also help to produce a better quality of work. Stress the importance of using equipment and following safety procedures at work – and keep them refreshed on these every couple of months. The same refreshers should also apply when it comes to using any specialist equipment – no matter how experienced the user may be.
  • Encouraging Reporting. Employees will already know about the need to report any actual accidents but it's also important to encourage them to report any issues with equipment or the office environment during their day. Flagging something up early will see it investigated and hopefully, any potential issues eradicated before it can cause harm.

A New Office Design – A Great Solution In Creating A Safe Office Environment

With the need to provide a facility that is more adaptable to our modern world, many businesses have turned to professional office design to create a new, unique office space. Our office fitters in Hertfordshire are able to create a modern, fit-for-purpose office environment that will help to push your business to the next level, giving it a great foothold to attract new clients, as well as the upcoming generation of talented employees. With so much to be gained in terms of productivity and quality of work produced too, now is the perfect time to think about improving your office interiors for the future.

Oaktree's Health and Safety Promise

Every single aspect of work undertaken by our office fitters in Hertfordshire is done so, strictly abiding by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, along with further legalisation – including the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. As these acts cover health and safety to be managed effectively, we can guarantee that the office spaces we create will be built to the highest standards and always safe to use; giving you the peace of mind you deserve whilst you work through the day.

In terms of building regulations, we can assure you that we are able to handle this, as well as any accompanying documentation on your behalf. As an approved contractor under the Local Council Partnership Scheme, we already have a pre-existing relationship with local authorities and are able to create an office fit out or refurbishment abiding by any specific set regulations.

Office Fit Out From Oaktree Interiors

If you would like further information on we are able to create a safe and productive office environment for your business, please do not hesitate to contact our office fitters in Hertfordshire today. You can call us on 0345 2186955 or send an e-mail enquiry to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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