Open office design is nothing new. In fact, the concept of pulling down the barriers between workers has been around for many years now. Practised by companies of all sizes, the belief behind open office design is that it helps to increase productivity, whilst creating a more collaborative and social working experience.

The problem that exists today though, is ironically one that has been created by open office design; the need to balance that openness with the need to get on with the work in hand. If you use open office design in Farnborough, how can you balance the open office with the need for more private working? A glass partitioning system may help.

Glass partitioning: How it may help your office design in Farnborough

The exposed nature of open office design generally allows for a more pleasant working environment; it gives staff the opportunity to communicate across their workstations and provides them with a freedom of movement across the office with the minimum of disruption. As a result, collaboration between staff will increase, making for a better sharing of ideas, refining the quality of the work.

The caveat to this free-flowing of talking and movement is that those people who would prefer to get on with the work in hand may feel distracted and as a result, productivity (as well as their mood) will be vastly reduced. So how can a balance be struck? Although the cubicle desks have long gone, an open office can still support moveable desk partitioning that helps to give those who need it, some space to get on with their work, whilst giving others, the opportunity to move about.

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