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The many different aspects of office design have never played such a major role in the standing of a business as they do today. By each passing year, the introduction of new technologies is informing new trends which are adopted in workplaces around the world. 2019 will be no different; so let's take a look at what the next 12 months may bring, in regards to workplace design innovation.

The importance of innovation in office design

The importance of innovation in office design

Innovation should be at the heart of any business;successful companies are constantly keeping a watch out for the latest methods they can use to gain an advantage over their competitors. In office design, the focus on innovation has allowed for the creation of products that help to boost the morale and wellness of employees; the very 'components' of a business' engine who drive it on to the land of success.

Attracting (and retaining) the best talents is the key that gains entry to success; this is why it is important to understand what potential employees want from the environment of their workplace, whilst still taking into account the expectations of current employees.So as workplace planning looks at 2019 and beyond, the following trends are set to make the most significant impact in the future of office environments.

So as workplace planning looks at 2019 and beyond, the following trends are set to make the most significant impact in the future of office environments.

Workplace Design Trends 2019

The office design trends of 2018 saw much focus placed on innovative design, including making 'creative use' of the spaces available. The trends of 2019 will build upon those; shining an even-brighter spotlight on the happiness of employees and clients, whilst maintaining a strong focus on all things natural.

Without further ado, here are some trends to look out for in 2019:

  • Experience-driven spaces. Using 'direct experiences' as part of a business model can be seen in the retail and hospitality industries, where the experience enjoyed by the customer is crucial to success. In office design, experience-driven spaces are designed with the goal of prioritising the employee experience at work; more focus is placed on developing wellness,team building, cultivating happiness and boosting morale.
  • Co-working spaces. Cohabitation spaces are already a common sight in many offices around the world but it's how these spaces will develop that gets it's place on the 2019 trends list. The 'traditional' co-working space, originally popularised by small start-ups, is designed to bring a number of companies (or departments of the same company) under one roof. The issue with many of these older spaces is that they allow for each person to work separately, closing them off from others. In 'new' co-working spaces, the walls are brought down, which allows people to share the same space, resources and even their skills.

New co-working spaces are founded upon the goal of maximising collaboration, creativity, innovation and flexibility. Some of its characteristics include:

  • Open plan office design.
  • Technology resource spaces.
  • Creative spaces.
  • Multi-use meeting areas.
  • Greenery.
  • Making use of natural light.
  • Lightweight, mobile & ergonomic furniture.
  • Comfortable sofas and chairs.
  • Kitchen areas, breakout rooms and cafe & bar areas.
  • Classic meets contemporary. Whilst some trends go out of fashion almost as soon as they make their impact, some remain and even experience a rise in popularity once again. Combining the 'classic look' around a contemporary workplace may help to breathe new life into any fantastic old building, whilst still catering for the modern needs of those who use it. Some 'classic meets contemporary'design features may include:
  • Antique and weathered textures.
  • Modern design accents.
  • The usage of glass and metals.
  • Carpets or wall coverings with abstract designs.
  • Modern furniture and office equipment.
  • Biophilic spaces. Biophilic design is growing within workplaces around the world (pun intended). As office spaces have seemingly moved away from the outside and up numerous floors of office blocks, it can be said that we are missing a connection with nature. As products of nature ourselves, biophilic design is based on re-establishing that connection we feel to the outside; to sight, sounds and feel of the earth, plants, sky and light.Once that connection is made, we should feel calmer, comfortable and content with our environment; all attributes that should be a part of every working day.

Some examples of biophilic design include:

  • The usage of natural materials, such as the biomorphic forms and patterns of wood and stone.
  • Bigger windows and glass partitioning to encourage more natural light.
  • Thermal comfort and a high-quality ventilation system.
  • Images of nature, using wall art, pictures etc.

Those are just some of the major trends within office design for 2019 and beyond. If you're looking to update your own workplace design to better cater for the happiness of your employees, why not get in touch with the experts here at Oaktree Interiors?

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