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Every passing year will bring with it new trends and tastes; the business world is no different. Trends inform us of what the company we’re meeting with is all about, what their beliefs are, if they’re professional and if they’re an authority on what they’re trying to sell. If they seem to be with the times and on point with the latest trends, making a great impression in the process, then they are more likely to offer us the kind of service that we’re looking for.

In office interior design, trends should be omnipresent; from layouts to furniture, carpets to lighting, the aspects that comprise the workplace are subject to fashions as much as we as individuals are. Another aspect of the workplace that needs to be on trend, are the colours of the office design.

Reflecting the brand of a business, the usage of colours can also help to inspire and motivate employees, creating a more productive and focused workforce. So in this blog, we’re going to look at the trendiest workplace interior colours for 2019 and beyond.

Office interior design colour trends for 2019

  • Purple and mauve. An unusual combination for many people, but the effect that this pair of strong colours have give off a sophisticated allure to the spaces they reside in. Ideally used in locations in which good impressions need to be set (such as reception areas, meeting rooms etc), they are best balanced with accessories that are of a neutral colour, like cream or beige.
  • Lime. A zesty and dynamic colour, lime contrasts well with dark wooden fittings, making for quite the dramatic office interior design. Great to use in areas that need to provide inspiration, the colour’s potential can be accented by the use of beige woodwork with black-outlined wood. Many interior office designers will accessorise such spaces with layers of black and ivory-textured materials.
  • Orange. Using bright colours in all the right places may help to bring cheery feelings to the space they’re located in, providing those people within it, a renewed zestiness. For many people, being met with such bright colours may just be the thing to make those Monday mornings that more bearable. For others, splashes of orange remind them of the sun outside, evoking that connection to nature that has become so important in modern workplace design.
  • Green. Speaking of nature, what better colour to remind people of the outside than shades of luscious green? When combined with the bright, light colours and various shades of brown and blue, a workplace can build up that inmate connection that people have with nature, making for a more relaxed, comfortable and inspiring place to work. The end result is more than likely to be a better level of work produced.
  • Blue. Reflecting a bright day’s sky or the calmness and tranquillity of the sea, various shades of blue are able to make any dark winter’s day seem light, airy and comfortable. When such an office interior design is accessorised with wood, it will create the ideal natural environment.
  • Lilac. With an ability to provide an ‘elegant mood’ to a room, the usage of lilac in the workplace has become popular throughout the last few years. With quiet rooms/areas growing in use in offices around the country, a splash of lilac may provide the perfect environment for someone to reflect in. The emergence of lilac as a mainstream colour is thanks in no small part to the plant of the same name; further underlining the connection to nature that people feel.

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