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No matter the size or the type of industry that each of our clients are involved in, the office design team here at Oaktree Interiors are able to create a bespoke solution for when it comes to reimagining their office interiors.

Take one of our latest clients as an example; a communications and packaging agency, Magnet Harlequin, were seeking a vibrant office refurbishment in Uxbridge. They wanted a design and refurbishment solution that would be innovative enough to provide both a functional and inspiring workspace for their employees, as well as create an attractive advertisement for their own clients. Read on to find out how we carried out this project for them.

An office refurbishment in Uxbridge: Who are Magnet Harlequin?

Founded over 30 years ago, Magnet Harlequin is a part of Writtle Holdings, one of the UK's fastest growing, privately owned media and marketing services groups. Their remit is to help brands express themselves, stand out and grow in their particular marketplaces. Although they are operated independently by an experienced management team, they benefit from the support and investment of a highly successful parent company.

Their workforce of over 180 people is more than just a talented group of account managers, designers, photographers, re-touchers, packaging, art workers, print and in-store production specialists. As industry experts in their respective fields, they offer a unique combination of skills. They offer around-the-clock production facilities in London, Berkhamstead and Bradford, as well as Hong Kong and Delhi, but it's their people who deliver world-class products and services clients can rely on.

Magnet Harlequin's new office design in Uxbridge

Approaching us to help Magnet Harlequin with their office refurbishment projects, we sat down with the relevant team members to discuss their project; what they wanted from their office interior and refurbishment project, what their requirements were, what equipment/facilities they needed etc. With this information, we then proceeded to survey their existing office space in order to gain an insight into how we could implement all of their requirements into a workable design plan.

With all of our collected information, our team of talented designers got to work creating a broad proposal (complete with 2D and 3D visuals) that illustrated exactly how we would impose all of their requirements onto the interiors of their existing office space.

Being one of four design & build companies that Magnet Harlequin consulted in regards to their office refurbishment in Uxbridge, we were delighted when they appointed us as their preferred office fitters based on the attention to detail we showed during our meeting and through the proposals we created and submitted.

Consisting of approximately 9,000 sqft of office space over 2 floors, the works include:

  • A total refurbishment of both floors.
  • A wide number (and array) of meeting rooms and cellular offices.
  • A new modern breakout area.
  • A new larger kitchen for staff.
  • Provision of new WC facilities
  • New flooring, ceiling &wall decorations.
  • New dry lining to existing walls.

The project is due to commence imminently,so our office fit out team cannot wait to get started!

Why should I improve my own office interiors?

If you've noticed that your office is perhaps growing too crowded, isn't able to get the most of the latest technology or its interiors have seen better days, why not consider improving them with a new office fit out?

Here are just three of many great reasons why you should consider a new office refurbishment in Uxbridge, across London or indeed, anywhere in the South East:

The efficiency of your workforce can be increased

An office that is able to get the most out of the space it's in is the holy grail of efficiency. We firmly believe that the interiors of the workplace should be shaped to what the demands of the workforce are, rather than the workforce having to change their ways of working around the limitations of the office. How can they get the best out of themselves, if they aren't able to work as they should be doing?

Whether it's improving the functionality aspect of the office, giving workers access to more modern technology, creating an exciting, comfortable workspace that will inspire or putting in plans for future expansion (thus hitting the ground running for when it does happen), the efficiency aspect of a new office fit out is there for all to see.

A great office fit out will help in retaining and attracting a talented workforce

With the South-East of England experiencing a major investment in the areas in-or-around London, business communities are growing. Whilst this is great news for the local economy, it also means that competition will be increased for talented employees, as well as clients. More than ever, people are choosing the places where they work based on the experience of their working days; if can get your office refurbishment in Uxbridge right, you'll have a happy and content workforce,driving your business forward to achieve its aims.

The bottom line is that everyone wants to feel content at work, as well as sense that they are able to get the best out of their talents, contributing to the success of the company. If they feel drained and frustrated by the limitation of the workplace, where will they turn? Probably out of the door to a local competitor.

Creates a branded workspace that will impress and inspire

Vital in today's business world, a better sense of branding can be placed on the interiors of an office with a new design. If you need to host any clients as part of your business, then their first impression of what you have to offer will start with how you are able to portray yourself. We're not just talking about the content of the meetings, but the arena that they take place in. The office should be an extension of the advertisement materials that got them interested in what you have to offer in the first place; they'll be expecting an honest, professional outfit that can sell them what they've read about. Creating a unique brand with your interiors will be half the battle won in securing their services.

Improve your office fit out with Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree, we are always happy to work with any type of business, no matter their specific requirements; this i show we are able to create a truly bespoke design. If you are looking to improve the effect of your interiors with an office refurbishment in Uxbridge, or move to completely new office space and establish a new environment, then our team will be more than happy to help.

Why not get in touch with us to learn more about our office fit out, refurbishment and relocation services? We can offer you a completely FREE, no obligation consultation service that comes with a 2D/3D design of your ideal office interiors.Interested? Give us a call today on 034521 86955 or alternatively, send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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