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If you've been thinking about undertaking an office refurbishment to improve the effect your workplace has on your employees, it's vital to prepare for every possible eventuality.

Not all office fit outs are created equal.If not planned out to the letter, with each aspect not clearly thought out,there are plenty of things that could go wrong. Here, we're going to cover four common workplace refurbishment errors that if not treated, will have disastrous consequences on the atmosphere of the office and by extension, the employees who work within it.

Avoiding common office refurbishment disasters

Whilst embarking on the planning stage,it's important to remember that many of today's workers are turning down jobs simply because the look and feel of their prospective workplace isn't right for them. Aside from offering functionality to employees, the best offices are also able to impress visitors and clients.

With this in mind, here are some common office refurbishment aspects that could go disastrously wrong.

The open office

Clearing away the barriers that previously separated people, an open office design allows employees to communicate more.This leads to increased collaboration and fosters a genuine rapport between employees (it also helps them to look at more than the same boring, enclosed environment too!)

Although there is no doubt that there are benefits to an open office layout, many have cited the lack of quiet and privacy as being negatives of such a design. The prospect of distractions will lead to less work being produced and possibly even cause a sense of frustration amongst employees; a symptom of stress.

So how to find the right balance with your office refurbishment? You want to increase communication and collaboration but need to provide quiet and privacy.A great way to achieve this is through agile office design; this customised design can be a thoughtful mix of both open plan and closed spaces that cater for all needs and tastes.

Thanks to the flexible technology we have at our disposal these days, such spaces are starting to grow in usage; they allow people to work where they would feel more comfortable. Whether that's as part of an open office, a private room,a comfy break room or even out in the sun, agile office design can help to achieve all of this and more.

Say NO to gimmicks

The best office designs are ones that are bespoke to the business and the people who use them; so there is much creativity placed into their construction. What isn't creative, is the use of design gimmicks that are purely designed for aesthetic effect, rather than for functionality. It should be possible to provide both.

The key is to keep the design relatively simple. Creative workplaces will help to energise and inspire employees, but going overboard with their design is likely to produce distractions (having the complete opposite effect you were hoping for, for your investment). Each element of the office should be able to serve a purpose.

A clash of colours

Whilst plain white walls are boring and should be avoided, going crazy with a vast array of colours just for the sake of it could actually be a whole lot worse. Rather than help employees with their concentration, too many elaborate patterns will be harsh on the eyes,proving to be distracting.

When thinking about using colours in your office refurbishment, consider what shades will best reflect your company (whilst still creating a pleasant environment for your employees). Use colour theory – blue, for example, can work as calming influence and aids creative thinking, whereas red is great for a sales-based environment as it's stimulating and exciting.

The bottom line is that whatever atmosphere you want to create within your office, don't allow colour choice to be a secondary thought when designing. Use colours as an asset, rather than just for aesthetic look.

Be careful with any design themes

There are plenty of office design themes out there that workplaces favour; one such example that is growing in popularity is industrial design. This philosophy prioritises the use of natural materials and metalwork and whilst looking fantastic when handled by a professional office refurbishment company,too much can leave it looking cold and clinical.

The key to good workplace design is to remember that your employees will be spending much of their lives within the space, so keeping it friendly and inviting (rather than trendy,looking like a zone from the Crystal Maze), is much more likely to foster a positive connection with talented employees. This leads them to be happy,content and motivated, and as a result, productivity will grow.

Create your ideal office interiors with us

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No matter your particular requirements or budget, we have a vast experience that can help you to create a bespoke working environment; presenting you with the means to meet the challenges posed by the expectations of today's workforce.

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