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We’re pleased to announce that Lefort UK have instructed us to proceed with the design and build works for their ground floor office accommodation in Bracknell. The project will involve the creation of new customer-facing meeting facilities, as well as the provision of a functional, but collaborative environment for their worldwide employees to come and go, as they arrive in the country.

This will be the second project that we’ve undertaken for Lefort UK; our previous work saw us create an entirely new office design in their Bracknell workplace, based at The Maple Centre. Thanks to the quality of the work we were able to undertake, the company have kindly entrusted us with this expansion of their office and aside from being extremely grateful for their faith in our vision, we will make sure that they’re as pleased with the outcome of this project, than they were with the one back in 2017.

Lefort’s original office design in Bracknell

Well located just outside Bracknell town centre, right next to the A322 for good measure, the company recognised that in order to take advantage of their great position, they would need a bespoke office design to provide functionality and inspiration to its employees, as well as impressive branding ideals to capture the imagination of its visitors.

The brief we were given in 2017 was to refurbish the first floor of the building, with the main intention being to make better use of the existing space. We created a design plan that consisted of the reutilisation of some of the areas that were unused to create open plan workspace, new meeting and executive areas, as well as a new breakout/tea point facilities. These areas have been specifically designed to allow staff the means to relax and refresh away from the stressful arena of work and to give them somewhere to have informal meetings in.

The final piece of this office design in Bracknell jigsaw was the installation of high quality office furniture that met both the need to be comfortable, as well as be functional for employees.

Lefort’s new ground floor office design

Taking place on the ground floor of the building, the latest office fit out for Lefort will be created to offer a natural, well thought out environment that would be welcoming, light and airy. With a variety of workspaces needing to be created, Lefort wanted them to inspire collaboration and knowledge amongst their employees, who in turn, would take pride in their environment.

As part of their design brief, Lefort asked us to include:

  • Branded reception area; to give visitors an immediate positive first impression of what the business is all about.
  • Customer lounge with tea point; an area for customers to relax and refresh in, whilst waiting for/attending meetings with staff.
  • Internal meeting room and sales office; dedicated areas for staff to undertake meetings and to attend to sales work.
  • Training rooms for employees; giving staff a well-defined facility to enhance their skills.
  • Vinyl flooring throughout; offering easily traversable routes and a stunning look to the aesthetics of the office.

Our office fit out solution

Aside from taking on board their brief, we also took the time to understand the company, their aims and the space available, allowing us to create an office design proposal that comprised of:

  • A design programme that ensures that the design is managed and developed to the company’s satisfaction. Included in this is a ‘design and sign-off programme’ that sets out the drawings and specifications that will be produced alongside realistic approval dates for each of them.
  • Design and working drawings that ensure that all the details are present and correct. Alongside the concept drawings (which outline the project), we will develop and produce (where necessary), general/arrangement drawings, a reflected ceiling layout (that shows lighting requirements etc), plans and elevations of key areas that require specialist treatment, mechanical and electrical schematics, applications for all statutory consents (building regulations, etc) and any applications for the landlord’s licence (licence for alterations, LTA’s).
  • Finishes specifications; as a key part of the detailed design, we will review the required finishes and levels of specification in order to ensure that they match the exact requirements of Lefort.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals; the production of a health and safety file, including all of the operation and maintenance information. Built drawings and occupancy plans that need to be revised will be brought up to date, ready for handover at the completion of this office design in Bracknell

We were pleased to learn that Lefort were happy with our proposal and works are set to get underway in early December, with an anticipated completion date of January 2019. This will give Lefort the perfect opportunity to begin the new year in their better-defined, expanded office.

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