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We are very excited to announce that we have been appointed as the preferred office designers and builders for Adrian Lee & Partners' new location within the Smithson Plaza building, not far from two of London's iconic parks, St. James's Park and Green Park.

An independent, employee-owned asset management company, Adrian Lee & Partners approached us with the idea of expanding their office fit out, creating an inspiring environment that would help to better cater to the working practices of its current workforce, as well as leave room for new employees.

How we're creating an office fit out in London for Adrian Lee & Partners

Based a short walk from Green Park tube station, just behind Piccadilly, Smithson Plaza is a business and residential complex that was first opened in 1964. Describing itself as 'ahead of its time in 1964, a classic design in 2018' the plaza contains three buildings, two of which (Smithson Tower and Bank Building) are a mix of retail and office space. The third, Denham Building, is a combination of office and residential space.

Adrian Lee & Partners are currently based on the fifth floor of the Smithson Tower but an opening on the twelfth floor allows for them to take advantage of a better-defined space (and a great City view!)

The brief that our office fitters were given was to relocate staff and their operations, as well as to replicate their current office fit out, with a couple of modifications to suit the new space.

The new layout we designed, includes:

  • A new manager's office.
  • New meeting room.
  • New boardroom (to hold approx. 10 staff).
  • New sectioned-off breakout area.
  • Open plan desk area.
  • New storage area.

Also included in our designs is a mixture of solid walls and glass partitions, with additional mechanical and electrical works. With over 3,000sqft of space to work with, our office fit out team are very much looking forward to getting to work on such a project, which will commence presently.

Who are Adrian Lee & Partners?

Founded by Irish financial expert Adrian Lee in 1999, Adrian Lee & Partners specialises in research-led currency and international fixed income management. Originally based in Dublin, they opened their London office in 2010 in order to be closer to the majority of their client base. In 2011, they rebranded their London operation from 'Lee Overlay Partners' to Adrian Lee and Partners (effectively removing the 'Overlay') in order to 'better reflect their core business strategy'.

Adrian and his partners are original architects of active currency management for institutional investors and their company currently manages assets that exceed $15 billion (£11.6 billion). With 20 years of great performance and an ever-growing outlook, constantly focused on innovation, the only way is seemingly 'up' for the company. With our team creating them a new working environment, they can now hopefully look forward to welcoming that success into a better-defined office fit out.

Are you our next office fit out client?

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