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The office design team here at Oaktree Interiors are pleased to announce another new project that we'll be carrying out shortly, on this occasion for TDM Group in Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey. Consisting of a completely new office fit out, the design of the interiors are intended to boost the in-work comfort for staff members and visitors alike, whilst also taking advantage of modern workplace design trends.

TDM Group's New Office Design In Surrey

Who are TDM Group?

Since their formation in 1997, TDM Group has experienced strong, organic growth in its workforce, customer base and the breadth of services that they offer. This growth has been founded on a solid reputation for providing expert managed IT solutions and services that provide excellent value to their customers.

The company is headquartered in Central London, which as one of the world's largest global cities, helps the business to develop its presence internationally, as well as throughout the UK. Aside from their UK locations, the company operates offices in Jordan and Dubai,allowing them to bring their expert consultancy and services to new customers in new and existing growth areas in Europe,the Middle East and Africa.

As the IT managed services market continues to grow and develop worldwide, TDM Group are well placed to support both the established western IT industries, as well as in emerging and expanding markets.

Understanding the project brief

TDM Group's new office design will encompass 2,000 sqft of space on the first floor of Mallard Court, located in the heart of Staines. After some initial communication between our Business Development team and TDM to discuss their requirements for their new space, our design team and commercial director worked to put a comprehensive design plan together.

This plan comprises the practical working layout that the business were seeking; incorporating a modern minimalist design style whilst still proving to be comfortable and welcoming for staff and visitors alike.

How we're fitting out the new office space

From the moment a visitor enters the space,they will be welcomed into a comfortable waiting area that, whilst screened off from the office area, provides views and a link to the rest of space through a contemporary shelving system, tailor-made to TDM's requirements with the use of acoustic panels, shelves and storage boxes. The flooring has been designed to lead visitors into the rest of the office space via a random transition of high-quality flooring finishes.

The rest of the office design incorporates two meeting rooms with bespoke layouts and integrated display systems/equipment. There is also provision for a manager's office that doubles as a third, more 'informal' meeting space. All rooms are situated around the open plan working space and all have visual links thanks to the addition of full-height glazed partitioning.

The open office area also includes provisions for an 'IT build room', as well as areas for locker storage to give staff an easy-accessible and safe method of storing their valuables/work materials.

To cater for staff, providing a less stressful environment for them to take breaks in, a tea point facility is also included. Although it is open to the main office area, the tea point has it sown defined space and identity (differentiating it from the rest of the office), thanks to a change in flooring and the inclusion of hanging acoustic panels to absorb sound.

Our design and build teams cannot wait to get started on this project; turning everything detailed in the design plan into reality, ultimately helping TDM on the path to achieving a better working and hoisting environment.

Achieve your ideal office fit out, with Oaktree Interiors

If you're thinking about improving the effect that your workplace has on your employees or visitors; whether you need to refresh your current space or move to a new one completely, the dedicated office fit out team here at Oaktree can help you to realise the ideal working space.

All work that we carry out is done so to a pre-agreed plan and timescale, with all aspects done only by abiding by the best health and safety practices. It's these qualities, as well as our detailed attention to customer service, that makes the offices we create, unrivalled in their quality (as well as design).

Having been working in the industry for well over three decades now, we are confident that we can deliver the perfect workplace design for any type of business, of any size; see our case studies page for recent examples of our work (complete with detailed information and hi-res imagery).

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