leadforensics How To Increase Staff Productivity Through Workspace Design

The workspace design of recent years has, mostly, revolved around creating a sustainable and technologically-friendly environment. In many cases, however, the designers have missed out the integration of one integral component to the office environment: the employees themselves.

By making the most of office refurbishment in Cambridge, you can encourage your workforce to increase their productivity, whilst simultaneously encouraging a healthier lifestyle and a vastly improved office atmosphere.

Increasing Productivity With The Latest Workspace Designs

  • Creating Pathways For Social Interaction And Chance Meetings – When Steve Jobs designed any office space, he ensured that they would boast shared social areas, and pathways there which would encourage social interactions and improve the likelihood of chance meetings.

    He knew that innovation came from combining various specialists, from developers to designers to accountants, so that they could discover what was and was not feasible along with bouncing ideas off of each other.

    Such chance meetings, taking the form of a more personal conversation, often relayed far greater results than stilted, forced office meetings, or conversations through official office channels.
  • Private Areas Around Pathways – These meetings are some of the best things that can happen in an office environment and, as such, they should not be interrupted or postponed due to a lack of feasible space to discuss ideas. Including small, private areas close by these locations over these meetings to continue for as long as they need to.

    By placing these areas close by social hubs: kitchens, recreation rooms and printers, you are ensuring that your employees are interacting with each other, and drawing inspiration from the energy around them.
  • Conference Rooms In Commonly Used Areas – Instead of long tables and boring walls closing in around your employee's creativity, glass walls in the middle of a busy area can keep your employees awake and mentally active.

    Remember that, though your employee's mood and mental function will be improved during meeting, that the activity might be a distraction for those who have trouble focusing on a single thing.
  • An Agile, Activity Friendly Workspace – Encouraging your employees to get moving can massively increase your office's productivity, as well as your employee's health and mood. It has been shown that sitting in the same spot all day hugely impacts productivity, and that ensuring your workforce is kept active physically means that they are more likely to have a higher degree of mental activity too.

Ensuring that your workforce is kept active and social are the easiest ways to reach peak levels of productivity from your office. The best way to keep your workforce active and social is to utilise a fantastic office design which discourages extensive private space.

Oaktree Interiors For Office Refurbishment In Cambridge

Here at Oaktree, we don't believe that sustainability, technologically-innovative and the creation of an efficient, productive workspace which your employees are happy to be in, are different components. We offer fantastic office refurbishment in Cambridge and have years of experience in providing innovative office designs to suit a wide range of businesses.

For more information, office refurbishment in Cambridge, or to let our incredible office design team start work on realising the perfect, personalised office design for your business, contact us today at 0845 474 3556, or email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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