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Over the years many predictions have been made over how the office interiors of the future will look and work. Some have gone on to be proved right, whereas others turn out to be wildly inaccurate. In 1975 BusinessWeek magazine predicted that offices will be entirely digital by the mid-1990s, but nearly 20 years beyond that prediction and inkjet printers and reams of paper are still commonplace in offices all over the world.

Why Will Office Interiors Change In the Future?

Although not always as expected, the way in which we work is changing rapidly with the traditional working environment being changed more than ever before, with a whole host of technological innovations just around the corner.

The traditional image or stereotype of an office is one of dull colours, cubicles and stale design. This has been the norm for far too many years according to futurist William Higham of trends consultancy Next Big Thing.

He says "If you transported a businessman from the Victorian era to the present day, he wouldn't understand much of the technology but he'd be able to navigate his way around. He'd recognise the cubicle layouts, the workstations, the different departments with different functions set out in similar ways."

Higham believes that the current office trends which have been common for a number of years are now obsolete thanks to technological innovations, combined with changing social norms and expectations, particularly when it involves younger workers.

"When Monday arrives, millennials have to stop being mobile and autonomous, sit at a desk that is designated to them, use a company's desktop computer and landline and basically fit into this traditional, immobile environment. That's untenable. They're asking, 'Why fixed spaces and hardware? Why departmental hierarchies?'"

In today globalised economy the way in which companies have to operate is far different from the old conventions of the office environment. Many businesses operate in a number of different time zones meaning even the traditional 9-5 office hours are a relic from the past – as people work simultaneously with other offices in the US or Asia.

"It's up to smart businesses to reinvent the workplace as suits their needs, their outputs and their strategies," says Higham. "A new, fluid approach is imperative."

Many people are predicting that a workspace revolution is on the horizon. The question is how will any forward-thinking organisation embrace these changes and use them to their own advantage.

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