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As one of the most important figures of our generation, Steve Jobs knew the importance of innovative, efficient office design which encouraged natural meetings between employees from all areas of the company. He knew that creating a comfortable workspace improved productivity and that the natural meetings, of the kind he hoped would occur, would lead to greater interactivity between all areas of the business.

Why Was Steve Jobs So Obsessed With The Design Of His Offices?

There is a reason why the digital commute so many business leaders prophesised has never come true, at least, not on the grand scale they so expected. This is because an office environment is far more efficient than working from home, and creates a greater sense of loyalty and inclusion, if not to the company directly, then indirectly, through the other employees of the company.

Steve Jobs knew that simple, face to face, human interaction was the best way of not only building friendships, but establishing confident collaborators within the business, which Apple could then take advantage of to remain at the peak of technological innovation.

The designed combination of employees with varying specialities improves office efficiency more than anything else. A great example of this is Bell Labs, where a combination of physicists, material scientists and engineers, businessmen and telephone-pole climbers were able to design some of the most important technological advancements in the last hundred years. It was the two figures, John Bardeen, a theorist and Walter Brattain, an experimentalist, who were able to figure out a way to manipulate silicon into the world's first transistor; all because they shared a workspace!

Whenever Jobs designed a new office layout, he was careful to structure it in such a way that it would encourage 'serendipitous personal encounters', which he knew to be the key feature in encouraging a company's growth.

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What Features Should An Office Contain?

The implementation of such simple design features as private and personal workspaces encourage office interactions and allow your employees to feel more relaxed in their workplace, contributing to an increase in productivity. Having different areas within your office also encourages a sense of activity and can even improve the health of your employees by encouraging movement between the various areas.

Natural Light encourages longer and better quality sleep, along with generally improving your employee's positivity at the workplace; both of which contribute to an increase in the employee's productivity and health.

Make Your Workplace More Productive With An Office Refurbishment In Berkshire

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