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The nature of the business world will mean that difficult decisions will have to be made every single day. One of the most effective decisions that you can make in regards to the operation of your business, will be that of the location of its operations – the office. We have undertaken many a bespoke office design in Berkshire, many of which have involved an office relocation, so we have gained much experience in offering advice and assistance to businesses on how they can get the best out of their office space, how it can be improved and if a relocation would be of a more, long-term benefit.

Why Businesses Need To Relocate To A New Bespoke Office Design In Berkshire.

Grouping together people who undertake the same, similar or even different types of jobs will require a work environment that contains the necessary tools and comfort for employees to go about their work. Similarly, the workplace will need to provide an environment that is inspiring and boosts the sense of creativity amongst staff. These are just some reasons why businesses in Berkshire choose to relocate their businesses.

Sometimes, an office relocation may be forced upon the business – the lease on their current building may prove to be too expensive or is unable to be renewed. Some businesses relocate to take advantage of the catchment area provided by another location, in regards to employees or clients.

Why Should I Undertake An Office Relocation?

Other reasons why you should consider office relocation include:

  • Needs of The Business. If your current office space is too small, offers an inflexible way of working or if you are wanting to expand your current workforce, then a new bespoke office design in Berkshire will help to energise your business. Similarly, it will also act as a launch pad for improved levels of productivity, quality of work and cut operational costs at a stroke.
  • Enhance Business Reputation. The quality of your building, its interiors and its location say much about your operations. If your office is one that people find uninspiring, it simply won't help the current workforce to produce the high levels of work they are capable of, let alone attract or retain the best talents. Imagine if you host any of your clients in such an environment? Your services may be the best, but if your environment doesn't give off a professional, branded impression – what does that say about your services?

    Quite simply, a renovated office space or completely new bespoke office design in Berkshire will help to strengthen an employee's view of the company's core values and help to promote that professional, branded identity to everyone – including those potential clients.

Oaktree's Relocation Services In Berkshire.

In the short term, it's understandable that an office relocation will cause a slight disruption to the day-to-day running of a business. Here at Oaktree, we understand just how important it is to keep those disruptions to an absolute minimum, which is why we are able to guarantee a high-level of performance that has been planned out to ensure that our clients' office relocation will go as smoothly as possible; abiding by their set timetable and delivered on budget.

The different aspects of our relocation service include:

  • Specialists In Office Relocation. Having undertaken hundreds of office relocations over the years, we are able to apply our collected experience to each bespoke job we undertake. We always listen and take into account what our clients want to include in their office design, making for an office space that is unique and fits with our clients' branding and philosophies.
  • Planning and Design. Working with our clients' every step of the way, our relocation specialists are able to guide them through each aspect of the process. We will continue to work alongside them, even as the work is ongoing, in order to plan (and abide by) a timetable of work that is geared towards providing their business with the smoothest transition into their new office space. The same can be said of the design of office – our work will only start once our client is happy with every aspect of the design plan.
  • Installations. The modern office just won't be the same without the installation of the equipment that will help a business to function – this is why we are able to undertake any electrical or mechanical installation work that may be required. All of the work is undertaken in accordance with the health and safety at work act, which is something that we implement within each and every office design that we create.
  • Experience. Thanks to our unrivalled ability to design and build high-quality office interiors for a wide variety of business operations, we have gained the knowledge that helps us to understand the process of relocation and how it can be turned into a positive, rather than something that negatively affects the day-to-day running of the business as the project takes place. Each and every aspect of our work is kept 'in-house' – with no third parties involved, which helps us to complete the most cost-effective and less time-consuming job as possible. These are savings that we pass on to our clients, delivering the best, most cost-effective office design in as short a time as possible.

Interested In An Office Relocation? Get In Touch With Oaktree Today.

Our bespoke office design in Berkshire service is extremely adaptable, as we endeavour to work closely with you to produce the best office design for your business as possible.

If you would like more information on office relocation or on how we can create a bespoke office design in Berkshire for your existing office environment, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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