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Although a business may be fully aware of how a new office design can greatly impact their operation, sometimes they baulk at taking the opportunity to undertake one. This is simply because the process can be complicated. Not only do considerations need to be taken into account in regards to the space available and the creative environment offered, there are also concepts such as office branding and employee wellbeing that need to be thought about too. This is why Oaktree are here to offer our specialist workplace consultancy services for any office design in Watford.

What Is A Workplace Consultant? How Can They Help With A New Office Design In Watford?

What Is A Workplace Consultant? How Can They Help With A New Office Design In Watford?

The role of a workplace consultant is to identify different aspects of the office that can be improved upon, as well as areas that are restricting productivity and places limits on what a business is able to achieve in their current interiors. When fully complied, this expert evaluation can then indicate how a new office design can help the business to improve and grow in a new environment, one that has been specially honed to its unique requirements.

Many problems with the average workplace aren't difficult to pinpoint. It's actually those more subtle, harder to identify issues that, especially during a busy day, aren't noticed but still cause a huge problem for long-term productivity. This is why many forward-thinking businesses turn to a workplace consultant in order to identify these issues and from the findings and suggestions, they can get a better handle on how they can improve their office design in Watford (or anywhere, in fact!)

A workplace consultancy will look at the average working day, gauging observations, as well as speaking to staff members to understand their day and their feelings. Views on their thoughts about their own personal wellbeing at work and how they feel about their general productivity will be taken into account, as well as their thoughts on how their existence within the office design and the tasks they perform can be made much easier. This will give the consultants a good outline in which they can shade into before they look at aspects such as how technology, spacing and branding can be improved.

The Benefits of Hiring A Workplace Consultant.

Of course, the main benefit of hiring a workplace consultant is that they are an expert in the office design industry and can apply their experience and skills to create a report that will truly benefit a business when it comes to evaluating their current office space. Being an independent assessor too, they won't be bound by any bias and are free to speak to management and staff with total honesty about the environment and what aspects need to be improved in order to push it to that next level and beyond.

The general design of the workplace has, of course, huge effects on the performance of the business. Everything from morale, absence and even long-term health issues have been linked to the design and comfort of an office fit out. A comprehensive survey undertaken by an expert workplace consultancy will simply give any business the best possible opportunity to identify these issues and create an office design in Watford that will benefit the business – as well as the people who work within its organisation.

Workplace Consultancy, From Oaktree Interiors.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are office fit out experts who have been carrying out our services for many years now – helping us to gain a unique perspective on the industry. Our high-trained, professional team are specialists in the many different aspects that comprise office design and refurbishment projects – including workplace consultants.

Our workplace consultancy team are able to draw upon their experience of assessing many different office environments to look at each and every aspect of an office design in Watford. No matter the specific requirements, we can ensure our clients that no matter what they are, our approach and attitude will always be professional, enthusiastic and imaginative.

Our workplace consultancy services, comprise of:

  • Communicating In Clear Dialogue. With the evaluation process and the understanding of those finer things that cause long-term issues being potentially complicated, we endeavour to constantly communicate to our clients of each step that we take during the process, and why. Producing clear dialogue will help the client to fully-understand what we're doing – but it works both ways too, as we can also understand further what the client wants to achieve with their office design.
  • The Management of The Office. As a key part of the workplace consultancy process, our design experts are able to observe how our clients work and understand how the office is helping, or even hindering, their day. Each department will be looked at; how they work and communicate with one another and this will be related to the interiors and the technology infrastructure on offer.
  • Creating A Brand. Branding is vital in the modern business world; that ability to carve out a unique place amongst competitors is often the deciding factor in a client choosing a service. If a business is seen as unique, innovative and of course, professional, they will be looked favourably upon – If they make this much effort with their workplace, the effort they place services must be as much? Relating the office design to the latest trends, Oaktree's workplace consultants are able to take all of these threads and stitch together, a unique blanket that will create a stunning-looking, warm environment for staff and clients alike.

High-Quality Office Design In Watford, London and Throughout The South East.

Interested in hiring our workplace consultants to help you better understand what you need to improve in your office design in Watford, or elsewhere in the South East of England? Why not get in touch with us today to discuss this in more detail? Our friendly team are waiting to take your call on 0845 474 3556. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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