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Throughout the many years that we've been undertaking office refurbishments here at Oaktree Interiors, we've seen office design trends change along with the different generations of workers – and the needs and expectations that have come with them. The upcoming workforce of today are known as 'Generation Z' – a group who have grown up with technology and are at one with the fast-paced, almost instant society that we live in today; skills that could be used to benefit the workplace. If you're thinking about adapting your workplace to attract and retain the brightest upcoming talents, by implementing a new office design in Mayfair – then we at Oaktree can help.

Oaktree's Office Design In Mayfair Services.

When it comes to creating a new office design in Mayfair, elsewhere in London or indeed, anywhere in the South East of England, we are extremely proud to say that we are industry leaders. This is thanks to our passionate and knowledgeable team that work to deliver the ideal office environment for the many clients that we have had over the years. A workplace that can set a comfortable and creative environment can only prove to be a great help for a business striving to get the most out of its talented workforce – a philosophy that we have helped to implement in many of our designs. If you would like to see some examples of our office fit outs, please see our dedicated testimonials page.

What Is 'Generation Z'?

Generation Z is the term given to people who are starting to reach 'adulthood' in the mid-late 2010's. There aren't any precise dates with which to label the generation, but most experts agree that birth years of people included in Generation Z vary between the mid-1990's, to the early 2000's.

A major identifier for this generation is that from a very young age, people have been comfortable around technology. They tend to have a reliance on the internet and use social media to interact with others. This is reflected by the growth of the digital jobs sector – for many, the prospect of any type of business to not have any kind of presence on the internet today, is unthinkable.

Being tech-savvy – using a number of different devices, on different platforms, to perform different tasks – is likely to see a member of Generation Z more adept at multitasking. The generation has also been noted for its enterprise – the experience of growing up during the great financial recession of the late-2000's has seen a growth of ambition amongst young workers – a trait that can only work to have a positive effect on the businesses that employ them.

Designing An Office For Generation Z.

By 2020, it's estimated that Generation Z will account for 20% of our workforce and the nature of time will see that number grow year-on-year. This is why it's crucial that a business understands Generation Z and what they expect from their work environment, in order to attract their talents and keep them at the company.

It can be easy to assume that the next generation of workers will be cut from much the same cloth as the current generation. Whereas Generation Y (often known as 'Millennials') are a cohort that approaches work with an open mind and seeking flexibility – thanks to them seeing much change in the world, with regards to technology and how we interact with it – the new generation are quite different, simply because the digital world is all they've ever known.

Here are a number of aspects to think about, in regards to getting your office design in Mayfair ready for the workforce of tomorrow:

  • Technology. The era in which an office worker would spend all day sat in a cubicle, typing away at a stationary computer is gone. With the technology of today being mobile, people can literally work from anywhere (providing there's an internet connection for those who need one!) This versatility has been reflected in many modern workplace designs, which sees traditional desks and chairs (and definitely cubicles!) discarded and replaced by more relaxing, more-homely furniture to aid comfort and to boost creativity.
  • Breakout Facilities. A feature that we've included in many of our office designs, is that of a breakout facility. This extra space within the office gives an opportunity for employees to have an informal, comfortable setting in which to have meetings or just to simply take a break, recharging and even having casual interactions with co-workers, building a collaborative relationship away from their, sometimes stressful, work areas.
  • A Need For Structure. As briefly touched upon earlier, unlike the previous generation, which valued flexibility and choice when it comes to deciding their working practices, Generation Z will need a structure to their working day. Having too much choice over how to use an office space isn't something that they find desirable. Organising your workplace into different departments that can be identified easily will help them to feel comfortable and will allow them to go about their work in their preferred, structured way.
  • The Aesthetic Look. The communication methods of today are instant and work as visual cues; evidence of this can be seen with the usage of emojis in messaging, photographs on Instagram and videos on YouTube. This suggests that members of Generation Z will be highly-tuned to the visual look of their environment and will be looking around it for inspiration. By producing an office design in Mayfair that is bright and vibrant and introducing elements such as artwork and graphics to motivate and inspire them, will help to up productivity and the quality of work produced.

High Quality Office Refurbishment, By Oaktree Interiors.

With a vast experience in the industry, we have a proven track record in creating modern, bespoke working environments that have helped businesses to reach the next level in terms of implementing company branding and getting the best out of their staff. No matter the size or type of business you're in, we are able to offer you a high-quality office refurbishment service that will fill all of your requirements – do check out our FREE consultation service, which includes a 3-D representation of what your ideal office design will look like.

If you would like more information on how we are able to implement the perfect office refurbishment in Mayfair for you, please don't hesitate to contact Oaktree today. You can give us a call on 0845 474 3556 or by e-mailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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