leadforensics Why Does Office Design Matter To Business Workflow?

Our surroundings have an influence on our everyday lives more than we realise. This is more noticeable at work than anywhere else, which means that effective office design in London is one of the most crucial aspects of your business. The most intelligent managers, with their eye fixed completely on how they can improve their business, understand this whilst other position office design fairly low on their list of priorities.

The Office & Workflow

Unfortunately, for most people, we spend a lot of time at the office a lot of us even spend more time at the office than we do at home whilst awake. With that in mind, employers need to ensure that it is a place where employees feel relaxed and have everything they need to work productively.

Of course, its safe to assume that few businesses will have the budget to match an office design like Facebook, Google or Microsoft, but you can foster a more engaged and collaborative workspace through office design.

Why Should Office Design Matter To Business Leaders?

  • No Employee Wants To Be Constrained The individual cubicles in windowless offices are an effective way at stifling both productivity and creativity. It is a well established fact that natural light can improve the health, happiness and overall productivity of everyone in the office. Studies have proven that prodigious amounts of sunlight can boost energy and mood and, without cubicles, your office space can feel much more open and make the most of the available light. The most successful offices are those which dont keep the view of the outside limited to certain office spaces within the overall workspace. Allowing more natural light into your workspace, and offering your team the freedom to engage with each other, can hugely improve the natural workflow of your office space.
  • Every Department Needs A Different Set Up Every department in your office will have different requirements and should be designed to create a productive atmosphere. Your office design in London needs to make the most of these individual workflows for example, a sales department might be better off with sound-proofing as they spend much of their time on the phone. Alternatively, a creative department will be more reliant on a relaxed, open-office plan in which collaboration can be easily achieved.
  • Communal Areas Are Essential Whilst your employees might work better with their own, individual space, there needs to be a public space for people to relax and interact with each other on occasion. Staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day can result in employee burn-out and severely impact their productivity, or the quality of the work that they produce. Offer your employees the chance to take a break from their workspace in order to recharge their creative energies and their drive.

Office Design For London Businesses, From Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are proud to offer industry-leading office design in London for a wide range of businesses. We specialise in representing your unique brand identity through your office environment and creating a workspace which can drastically improve employee mood and productivity.

For more information, please dont hesitate to get in touch with Oaktree Interiors today on 0118 979 66000118 979 6600. Alternatively, you can email any questions to us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com, and well get back to you as soon as we can!

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