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Office partitioning is a cost-effective way to create useful office space that is stylish and tailored to suit your requirements. When installed, these 'walls' can help you to break up or partition your work area; it can be made from wood, glass or even plasterboard, and can have a number of uses such as noise reduction or added privacy.

But what kind of office partitioning does your workplace need? Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have a few tips to help determine which type of partitioning is right for you, so you can take full advantage of this versatile 'walling' system.

The Different Types Of Office Partitioning

There are a number of different types of office partitions, which can make a great addition to your office space. The most popular types include:

• Solid partitioning. These partitions can be made of plasterboard or composite panels.
• Demountable partitions. Glazed demountable office partitions are extremely versatile. Contained in an aluminium framework, this type of partitioning is durable and lightweight. Simple demountable partitioning can be taken down whenever you need it, allowing you to quickly transform the layout of your office space.
• Sound-insulating partitions. The material recommended for soundproof partitioning is solid plasterboard for best results.
• Fire-rated partitioning. This type of partitioning is widely used in corridors and lobbies. Usually specified by architects, these partitions are mostly needed in buildings which need to conform to certain legal requirements.
• Storage wall partitions. A multitasking type, this partitioning acts as a room divider and storage space.
• Operable partitions. This type of partitioning is mostly used in conference rooms at hotels, restaurants, school and other locations as an aesthetically pleasing solution for room partitioning.

So what are the benefits of office partitioning? It is extremely versatile, quick to change, and therefore very flexible. You can easily demount them or put them up whenever and wherever you need, with minimal disruption to your office activities.

Things You Should Consider Before Purchasing Office Partitions

Reviewing the following questions will help you decide on the right office partitioning for you:

• What will be the main function of the partitioned workplaces?
• What kind of finish do your office partitions need?
• Do you need special fire rated partitions?
• Is sound insulation necessary?
• Do the partitions have to be strong?
• Do you want your partitions to be permanently fixed?

At Oaktree Interiors, we apply our industry knowledge and experience to provide you with the best office refurbishment solutions that will reflect your company image. Thus, if you need any help, you can always contact our experienced team and we will gladly offer you impartial advice.

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