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Although the idea can largely be traced back to Steve Jobs, office design strategies which rely on serendipitous encounters between employees certainly didn't die with him. Serendipity is the idea of driving random encounters between various employees in the office space, with the goal of coming up with new ideas, products and strategies to overcome existing problems. Unfortunately, this isn't the only idea which has become extremely prevalent amongst up and coming tech companies.

Somewhere along the line, many tech companies seem to have gained the belief that in order to truly succeed in the world of business; they need to ensure that their office refurbishment in Reading results in a workspace which is almost identical to Google's world-famous designs.

All over the world, tech offices for truly unique companies are being made to resemble Google's identity, with table football, beanbags and even the occasional slide making an appearance. Unfortunately, one size of office design certainly doesn't fit all kinds of businesses.

The Problems With Emulating Google

Anybody interested in office design is constantly fascinated by Google's once-unique workplaces, but that doesn't mean that they are always the best option for every kind of business. Emulation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but tech companies and start ups shouldn't be trying to flatter Google, Apple or any other major tech office; they should be trying to create a unique and personal office design that truly reflects their own unique brand identity.

Your new office space might look great, it might have all the latest technologies and ensure that your employees are given the opportunity for rewarding serendipitous encounters – but all that isn't worth a thing without strong brand identity and considering the needs of your employees.

What Makes Truly Fantastic Office Design For Tech Companies?

  • A Strong Brand Identity – By ensuring that your workspace effectively reflects your brand identity, you can foster a real sense of loyalty amongst your employees. In fact, if you work hard to develop a truly inclusive and friendly office culture, you might end up with a business which feels much less like an official organisation and is, instead, a practical community.
  • Your Employees – Your employees are the backbone of your business and, above all else, you need to ensure that your office refurbishment in Reading has been created with their convenience in mind. At the end of the day, your employees and the culture they create is worth more than the very best office design.
  • Technology – Obviously, tech offices need to make use of the very best in modern technology. However, there are some technologies which you just don't need, and if introducing technology which your team don't really need is one of the driving forces behind your office refurbishment in Reading, then you really should reconsider.

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