leadforensics What Do Your Employees Want Out Of Their Office Environment?

One of the most innovative and interesting strategies in contemporary office design has proven to be, simply, listening to the needs of your employees themselves. Ensuring that your employees are comfortable in their environment, and that they feel as though they have a say in the company itself, can result in a huge increase in your office's productivity.

When you choose to take advantage of the very best office refurbishment in Berkshire, you are providing your employees with the ideal environment within which they can work happily and healthily.

What Do Your Employees Want From Their Office Environment?

Recently, as part of the Human Spaces Study, more than 3,600 office employees were asked what they wanted out of their ideal working environment. The single most requested feature was an increase in the amount of natural light that they enjoy throughout the day.

The Role Of Natural Light!

A great deal of research has been done on the subject of natural light's part in an efficient office environment. It has been proven that consistent access to natural light has a strong effect on your employee's productivity, stress levels and employee retention. Even so far back as 2003, an American study once found that call centre employees, who often rotated seats, were generating around an additional $3,000 thanks to their productivity when sat somewhere with plenty of natural light.

Encouraging an office design which makes the most out of the available natural light should be one of the first features of any office refurbishment design. There are dozens of strategies and tricks that you can employ to truly take advantage of natural light. These include placing workstations within fifteen feet of a window to ensure every worker makes the most of their natural light.

Removing perimeter walls, or even just reducing them to four feet in height, can massively improve the amount of sunlight that moves deeper into the room, and can provide a lighter, more even spread of the available light.

Utilising office furniture which feature light-reflecting services, installing skylights, or even tubular skylights and 'light-shelves' are all effective ways of increasing the amount of natural light that your office enjoys.

The Role Of Colour!

Different colours have different effects on your employees, and it is important that you listen to their ideas. Ultimately, you are likely to be better off picking a brighter image than a darker or a washed out alternative. Choose a feature wall, and complement this choice with appropriate furniture or decoration.

The offices of the past have been, for the most part, blank and sterile environments. The best office design now leans towards the innovative and the exciting, to stimulate your employee to greater productivity.

The Role Of Plants!

Plants in the workplace, whilst offering far more than simple aesthetic value, have been shown to reduce employee stress. There is also evidence to show that the improved air quality that they provide enhances employee attitudes and increases productivity overall.

Plants have also been proven to have an impact on employee retention, and increase office attraction towards today's young professionals.

Experienced Office Refurbishment In Berkshire

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we ensure that the needs of yourself, your business and your employees are all balanced, to create the very best office refurbishment in Berkshire that we can. We know how essential certain design decisions can be to an office's productivity and, subsequently, the business' survival as a whole.

For more information, or to ask about our brand new refurbishment leasing partnership with Bluestone Leasing, call us on 0845 474 3556 or email our team directly at hell@oaktreeoffice.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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