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Designing and creating a new office fit out was once a simple task for a company, with most containing a big entrance, simple rows of desks and closed off meeting rooms. But in today's highly competitive working world, to get the best people you also need to have the best workplace. This means creating an office that doesn't conform to predictable stereotypes, and offers employees a fun and motivating place to work.

New Trends For Effective Office Fit Outs

Competition for the best young talent is now fiercely fought between companies, particularly those in the technology and finance industries, where having the very best people can make the difference between failure and success.

For these people, companies who haven't made an effort with their office fit out are seen as boring and unappealing, which could quickly become an issue if unresolved. Here are some of the latest trends for office interiors:

  • Let The Outside World In – A big entrance before you enter the office has been a common feature for many years now, but in today's world people prefer to feel more connected with each other. Steve Coster, who is the head of Hassell, an Australian company who design buildings and interiors, says, “Now work is a much more collaborative process, where you may be working with another firm, so your space needs to allow you to do that."
  • Carefully Planned Spaces – As the way people work continues to change, so must the spaces they use. Now an office needs to have a variety of areas ranging from informal break-out rooms and seating areas combined with areas for hard work and concentration. Finding and applying this balance when creating your office fit out can make a huge difference to overall productivity.
  • Sustainability – This is a common feature of many working environments, but should now be standard practice for any new office fit outs. As workspace planner Nick Tennant says, “Traditional office buildings are underutilised and sparsely populated – so it makes sense to populate them with more people. Having huge buildings running lighting and air conditioning and not having many people in them makes no sense."
  • Moveable Furniture – For an effective office environment, it is a great idea to have moveable furniture and office partitions which allow you to change your workspace so it's suitable for the current job at hand. As Coster says, “This is so spaces can be changed at the speed at which they need to be changed, not next Thursday when the facilities department has time to come and move it for you. So that speeds up the whole business."
  • Authentic Interiors – Having cleverly designed, well thought out interiors is one of the most important elements of any new office fit out. It's what your employees will see every day they come to work, so making it a place they feel happy and comfortable helps them to enjoy their job which in turn will make them more productive.

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