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Most businesses don't have the space or resources to give all of their employees their own office, so instead use cleverly placed office partitioning. This gives them a mix of open areas and closed spaces which will be built depending on the type of business and the work of its employees. Here is a look at the different types of office partitioning in London and around the world which are available for your workspace:

The Different Types Of Office Partitioning In London

Every office is different from the next and is likely to have its own requirements depending on whether they use open discussions and collaboration, or privacy for individual work.

  • Floor-To-Ceiling Partitions – These are a common system for office partitioning in London and are used to break up areas or create separate rooms and are constructed out of metal with cloth covering the frame. They can be rearranged, moved to another location or removed totally without much hassle. Their benefit over other types of partition is that they fully segregate the space, leaving no gaps or windows meaning they can be used to create privacy.
  • Glass Partitions – These can also go from floor to ceiling or half height, but are made from aluminium and glass with or without a frame, meaning they can be used for adding sound privacy but keeps the office feeling visually open. They work well in many offices because they look more natural and prevent parts of the office being cut off from other areas.
  • Cubicles – These used to be a lot more common and are still seen in the stereotypical office we see in movies, although are still used in many offices today. They are small segregated areas which usually have half-height dividers between them, creating an open environment where you can have some level of privacy if needed. The advantage of this type of office partitioning is its flexibility, as it can all be changed or removed to suit the employee. Each one usually contains a desk for working, a space for a computer and related hardware and a filing system.
  • Portable Partitions – These are the most portable office partitions available and are often on rollers so they can be moved quickly from one place to another. These office partitions are the least permanent option and usually offer very little in noise reduction or privacy. They are good for creating a new room in just a few seconds, so are ideal for people who need to move their partitions around frequently.

Office Partitioning London

Bespoke Office Partitioning In London And Across The UK

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