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As office design itself is leaning towards a younger, contemporary appearance, with an increased emphasis on social interaction, activity and technical functionality, so too must the specific furniture utilised to fill these new breed of offices.

At Oaktree Interiors, we specialise in creating modern offices which are designed to increase your workforce's productivity and work-satisfaction. We offer the very best office refurbishment in Reading, with a particular focus on such design choices as the ideal furniture to make your workplace as comfortable and effective as possible.

The Current Trends In Office Furniture!

  • Making The Most Of Nature! – Include plants and natural features into your office design. Plants are beneficial in improving the mood of your workforce and can be beneficial to the air quality of your office atmosphere, which has also been linked to improved productivity.
  • Natural Lighting – Making the most of natural light is one of the best practices in modern office design. An open-plan design with glass walls and large windows lets in a lot of natural light, which improves the mood of your workforce and avoids the typical image of the office environments of the past, with fluorescent yellow lighting which makes your workers stressed and stops them from working at their optimum capacity.
  • Ensure Maximum Flexibility – Ensuring that your office furniture is both functional and flexible means that your workforce has far greater control over the way in which they do their work. For example, sitting down for extended periods of time has been shown to massively detract from mental activity and results in a greatly decreased productivity.

    Providing furniture for workers who prefer to stand whilst working can not only increase their productivity, but can improve the mood of the entire office as you avoid the image of repeated cubicles and desks which has become the nightmarish image of the office environment.
  • Provide Collaborative Spaces... – Encouraging collaboration between various departments and specialists within your business can result in incredible innovations, as your workers are capable of bouncing ideas of one another, and understanding the limitations of each aspect of your workforce, ensuring greater interaction and cohesion within your office environment.

    The cubicles of the past stifle creativity and the idea of being trapped in a tightly enclosed space has long been documented to depress workers and contribute to other health issues. Opening up your office space, and creating a far more social environment is the best trend to have developed in office design in recent years, and it looks to continue into the foreseeable future.
  • ...With Private, Quiet Spots! – Whilst collaboration is massively important to a modern, successful, productive office environment, providing your workforce with quiet areas to have serious discussions, or deal with intimate problems away from the social atmosphere of your workspace.

Oaktree Interiors For Office Refurbishment In Reading

At Oaktree Interiors, we keep up to date on the latest trends in office design and are able to offer the very best inoffice refurbishment in Reading and across the country. With years of experience in creating office environments which contribute to a greater productivity and a more efficient and happier workforce, we are sure to design the perfect office for your business and your brand.

For more information, or to let us start building your perfect office environment with our incredible office refurbishment in reading and across the country, contact us today at 0845 474 3556, or email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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