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The advantages of integrating an effective building management system into your office environment are many. The main goal of a BMS is to encourage the consumption of less energy, to create the optimum levels of energy-efficiency. Only specialised BMS Electrical Contractors can install an effective system.

What, Exactly, Is A BMS?

A BMS is composed of a series of sensing devices and software, which are used to monitor and control various equipment and systems within the area of a building. These components communicate with each other to completely control various aspects of the building.

Why Do You Need To Make The Most Of A BMS?

A building management system controls almost every aspect of your building's internal environment. This includes recording the operating data of your environment. It can also involve the commissioning of other important information.

You can give your BMS control over a wide range of internal systems, including heating, lighting, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. By including these high-energy consumers into your building's management system, you can work out the optimum settings for each means of consumption. This means that you are able to avoid any great wastes of energy.

This can not only save your business money, as you learn to use much less energy than you were before, but it can also help to reduce your building's carbon footprint.

How Can A BMS Save You Money?

The BMS controls certain variables within each of the building's integrated systems. These variables can include time schedules – including start and stop timing – warm-up or cool-down cycles, general temperature setting, humidity, demand limitation and air-quality.

By optimising these schedules, or altering them as need be, a building management system can work to make your building 'greener'.

For business owners, a BMS could result in incredible savings. Massively-reduced operating costs, much greater flexibility for changing the building's usage, and increasing productivity of staff are all established advantages to the integration of a building management system.

Oaktree Interiors – BMS Electrical Contractors

Here at Oaktree, we have been working to provide some of the very best office and building designs for a wide range of businesses for many years. Now that we offer the integration of BMS into our designs, we can also help to improve the building's longevity, productivity and work to make the office environment an increasingly energy efficient place.

If you're looking for the very best BMS Electrical Contractors, with experience in both office design and the integration of effective building management systems, then you need to look no further than Oaktree Interiors.

For more information regarding the ways in which a BMS might be able to help your business save itself money and become more energy efficient, please contact Oaktree Interiors on 0118 979 6600, email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com or fill out our easy-to-use contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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