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We at Oaktree Interiors are extremely dedicated to providing a complete office refurbishment service from start to finish for all of our clients. Our vastly-experienced team of office fitters work together to plan, design and build an office that will not just meet, but also exceed, the requirements and expectations of your business and its workforce. The fact that we've gained so much experience, should indicate that we've moved and adapted with the times, as new types of offices come to the forefront. One of these new advances is the idea of co-working.

What is co-working and how can it help my business?

Co-working is a recent innovation that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world as people re-imagine how we see and use our workspaces. One of the core fundamentals behind co-working is to encourage interaction, create communities that otherwise wouldn't exist, as well as providing cost-effective flexible office space.

Co-working spaces simply take care of some of the problems that exist in trying to run a business from an office in the 21st century – namely high rents and long leases that are either no longer attractive, or are just too expensive. With the rise in small independent businesses, self-employed and freelance workers in the UK, co-working spaces provide an excellent opportunity for many people to be more productive with their work.

How to best utilise space with co-working

As you may know, not all offices run to their full capacity – this basically means that someone is paying for the empty space to exist. If a business is running to tight margins and if they're able to get to the most out of their space, it could make all the difference between being profitable or not. Many offices have jumped on the idea of setting up co-working spaces, simply because it's an excellent way to utilise their existing space. Many others have forgone their own offices to move into a co-working space, simply because it offers a more cost-effective solution and allows them to be part of a wider, creative community.

Here are some of the benefits that co-working can provide;

  • Cost-effective office space . Co-working space generally cost a small fee per month, which can be seen as a 'membership fee', rather than a traditional rental payment. Without having to pay the rent (or bills) and requiring just one, or a handful of spaces, co-working offers a cost-effective solution for any start-up or small business that is looking to minimise their outgoings.
  • Better office space and location . Classically, good locations for an office are hard to come by – not to mention extremely expensive to rent. With co-working offices now springing up in the centre of the country's major cities, you are able to work in an office that is in a great location, has the best facilities and at the same time, is very affordable.
  • Quick setup . With a shared office space, there's no need for the move to be expensive – most co-working facilities employ 'plug and play' connections, which makes it easy to install any electrical equipment that you may need. This makes setting-up very easy and saves time, which for any business, can prove to be vital.
  • Networking . With a shared office, you are able to tap into the talents around you, to maybe ask advice on some unfamiliar project. Even if you work solo, you can bounce ideas off someone, potentially working together to achieve any shared aims you may have. This can only create a community and a positive workplace – something which will always reflect in your work.

Statistical analysis of co-working

In a study undertaken by the co-working provider, Regus, they found that co-working has an obvious appeal to small businesses. A survey of around 2,600 small business owners found that nearly three-quarters believed that co-working spaces would be an ideal solution for them at their company's current stage of growth. Other stats taken from the same survey include;

  • 83% of small business owners said that the cost was the most-important factor in their thinking behind co-working being an ideal solution for them.
  • 70% said that the opportunity to work with other, similar-sized business was also another major factor.
  • 63% thought that shared space is capable of providing more inspiration than the traditional office setting.
  • 61% said that a co-working space offered a more-creative environment than a traditional office.

These findings were reflected in another survey undertaken by the CBRE group. Added on to that, they challenged the misconceptions that co-working is simply for small businesses only – in fact, they found that 40% of large global occupiers are either already using, or planning to use shared working spaces, including co-working spaces. According to the study, the general feeling is that people are attracted to these spaces simply because it offers an alternative to the traditional office, as employees can engage with and learn off each other, which isn't always possible in an office environment. This is the principle that appeals to most people about co-working – and that's why it's having such an impact on the design of workspaces.

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