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Millions of working hours each week are lost as a direct result of an office's poor integration of technology, and that is in the UK alone! All across the world, inefficient technology which fails to meet the needs of the employee is holding businesses back from achieving their full potential and keeping office environments from reach the apex of their efficiency.

The Importance Of The Right Technology, With The Right Interior Fit Out Companies

As one of the nation's leading Interior Fit Out Companies, here at Oaktree Interiors we know just how important sufficient technology is to the smooth running of a business. The equivalent of 7.5 million working days is being lost, every week, simply because the technology available in offices is not good enough for the work force's needs.

Almost half of UK employees have said that they would consider changing jobs because of the low quality of their technology, with some of the most common issues relating to painfully slow internet connections, crashing computers and out of date software.

By ensuring that your office is designed to make the absolute most of the latest advances and innovations in technology, you can keep your employees happy and working with a high degree of efficiency, free from any irritating interruptions such as a crashing computer, or extended periods of forced inactivity as they wait for the Internet to load.

It is clear that the expectations, with regards to technology, of the employee often far outweigh that which has been provided by the business. One line of thought suggests that, as technology has become increasingly mainstream and ever-more widely available, employees are growing accustomed and even embracing newer products faster than businesses can.

This divide between those who expect the latest technology and those who do not, or cannot, often results in high levels of frustration, impatience and anger once the employee has returned to their desk.

Technologies Your Office Needs To Make The Most Of!

Out of all the recent technological advances, of which few businesses are actively making the most of, here are a few of the most effective and the most important ones to add to your business when taking advantage of the best Interior Fit Out Companies!

  • Cloud Storage Services – By providing your employees with easy to use and accessible cloud storage solutions, you are enabling them to access their work from anywhere with an internet connection, not only making working in their own time to meet deadlines much easier, but also to increase manoeuvrability around the office during working hours.
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity – The longer you force your employees to wait for files to upload or download, or for web pages to load, emails to send or other online communication to be delivered/received, the less time they have to get on with their work.
  • High Quality Tablet PCs – Often cheaper than desktop PCs, even if they have a lower lifetime overall, tablet PCs offer all the advantages of manoeuvrability that a mobile device whilst retaining the high-performance of desktops.

    The addition of tablet PCs into the workplace has enabled more and more employees to make optimum use of contemporary interior design features, such as open-plan or activity-centric designs.

For The Best In Interior Fit Out Companies - Choose Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we enjoy our reputation as one of the very best Interior Fit Out Companies in the country, and have a trail of satisfied clients behind us to stand as testament to our specialised office design and refurbishment services, making the most of the latest technologies to ensure that your employees are able to work at their best.

For more information be sure to check out our website and, whilst you're there, read through a few of our past customer case studies to view some of the incredible solutions we have provided for our client's office design needs.

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