leadforensics The Strangest Objects Found In The World's 'Cool' Office Interiors

With new tech firms and design companies opening up or refurbishing their offices all over London and the rest of the world, a long running competition has begun with each one looking to build and place the weirdest and most unusual objects into their offices to make them stand out from all the rest.

Weird And Wonderful Objects From Office Interiors London

It has now become very important for the likes of Google, Facebook and other global companies to find and hire the very best young talent to keep their employees fresh faced and full of ideas. Here are some of the 'coolest' features and objects found in office interiors in London and around the UK:

  • A Wooden Treehouse (Mind Candy) – The company behind the children's game Moshi Monsters needed their employees to think on the same level as their audience, and so have transformed their office interiors in London into a wonderland with a giant tree house, a gingerbread house as meeting rooms and quiet areas which look like hobbit houses. “Much of creativity is about risk-taking and pushing boundaries. A child will always ask 'why' and this mindset can be helpful when coming up with original ideas," says Claire Bridges, founder of Now Go Create. Office Interiors London
  • A Slide (Ticketmaster) – The global ticket selling company opened their new office interiors in London with the design taking the priority of socialising. Its standout feature is a metal slide which staff can go down to reach the bar area below, where table football, a jukebox and pinball machines await.Office Interiors London
  • Disco Tunnel (Karmarama) – This creative advertising agency has gone for a whole host of random objects in their office including a huge red Buddha, a VW camper van and a life-sized plastic llama. But one of their stand out features is a disco tunnel which the employees walk through to get to their office, making that Monday morning feeling slightly better.Office Interiors London
  • An Indoor Sky (Virgin Money) – Up in Edinburgh Virgin has included an image of the sky on the ceiling of their office interior to give them inspiration and become more creative with their work. Office Interiors London
  • One Huge Desk (Mother London) – This office interior in London is found in Shoreditch's Tea Building. The advertising agency have built one huge desk which goes all around the office helping to encourage communication amongst each other and take away any hierarchies. Office Interiors London
  • Beach Huts (Man Bites Dog) – This PR agency felt they needed to bring the inspiration from their Brighton workspace over to their office interiors in London, so they built a row of beach huts for their employees to work in. Office Interiors London

Managing director Claire Mason says it would be easy to dismiss the decor as a gimmick, but argues, “If we look at hard performance measures such as staff retention, engagement, productivity, quality of work and team satisfaction with their workplace, then it's a clear winner."

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