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Formality is, in most office space, dying out. The archaic image of an office space, with grey walls and cubicles looking like something out of a dystopian novel is quickly vanishing in favour of open-plan, stylish, creative, productive and, best of all, informal workspaces.

When it comes to office refurbishment in Berkshire, remember that you are building an office for the modern workforce, and that informality often results in more honest, loyal and friendly employees, along with a higher quality of work. Modern workspaces revolve around collaboration, communication, flexibility and community, and these features are impossible if approached from a formal office culture.

The Rise Of The Informal Workspace

All across the UK, offices and workspaces are being required to make the most of their available space. This is particularly true in cities and areas with a great deal of offices, as space is at something of a premium and it can be impossible to find the ideal working environment without taking space into consideration.

It is rare that the CEO or office manager sits on their own, locked away from their workforce and only to be disturbed for the morning cup of tea. Nowadays, modern bosses are working amongst their employees, showing that they are working as well and taking the time to get to know their workers.

The idea of the formal boardroom has started to vanish too, as more and more business use their meeting rooms for more practical purposes, such as part-time breakout areas and lunch rooms, only using their space for a meeting room when they are required. Whilst your office space might still have traditional board-style meeting, you will also have team meetings, one-on-one reviews and AGMs, none of which are suited to the boardroom style of office space.

One reason for the death of the traditional office space, then, is the drastic reduction in the availability of space itself, with more practical designs taking precedence over the impressive and formal office interiors of the past.

Activity-Based Working

Most office workers benefit from manoeuvrability. Providing stable, comfortable areas to which your employees can decamp, depending on the job they are doing, can drastically increase employee productivity and workplace wellbeing. A less formal and, instead, more evolved working environment has been proven to offer great advantages, and including quiet rooms, team spaces and informal collaborative zones is an extremely useful part of office refurbishment in Berkshire.

Formal spaces are often fixed and immovable, making them ill-suited to the flexibility that activity-based working can demand, whereas more informal areas are ideal for encouraging collaboration and the ultimate productivity.

Using informal lounges and breakout areas as impromptu meeting spaces can also reduce the amount of space required for otherwise useless areas like meeting rooms, and also encourage a much more relaxed, honest and open atmosphere for the meeting itself.

Informal Office Refurbishment In Berkshire, From Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have extensive experience when it comes to the creation of both formal and informal working spaces which fully reflect your brand's identity and encourage both wellbeing and productivity across your workforce.

For more information on the advantages of an informal workspace, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our dedicated and friendly team of office refurbishment professionals. For office refurbishment in Berkshire, contact us directly on 0118 979 66000118 979 6600 or email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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